Keppel Offshore & Marine (O&M)

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Keppel Offshore & Marine (O&M) by Mind Map: Keppel Offshore & Marine (O&M)

1. Key Figures (2015)

1.1. Revenue $6.241B -27% YoY

1.1.1. Secured $1.8B new Orders

1.1.2. Falling Oil prices leading to reduced Activities Key Focus 1. Efficiency 2. Cost Savings Tap demands into Closed markets / Regions which are less affected by Oil prices

1.2. Profit Before Tax $0.709B -48% YoY

1.2.1. Lower Revenue

1.2.2. $230M provision for Sete Brasil’s semisubmersible projects.

1.3. Net Assets $1.668B -36% YoY

2. Business Units

2.1. Marine (Keppel Shipyard) Ship Repair & Conversion

2.1.1. 8 Major Projects Delivered (2015)

2.1.2. Repaired >400 vessels in 2015

2.2. Offshore (FELS) Rig Designing, Building and Maintenance

2.2.1. Tapping New Growth Acquire Cameron Offshore Rig Business - LeTourneau Business - Jackup Rig Designs Rig Kit Business After sales + After Market Services Launched Series of Liftboat >8000 fixed platforms globally - Require frequent inspection and maintenance Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Solution Target Demand to grow 4-6% p.a. till 2030 Alterative use of Marine Fuel Won bid in Jan 2016 to supply LNG Bunker to Ports in Singapore

2.2.2. 18 Major Projects Delivered (2015)

2.3. Marine (SingMarine) Specialized Shipbuilding

2.3.1. 7 Major Projects Delivered (2015)

3. Maintaining Sustainability

3.1. Safety Excellence

3.1.1. 34 Workplace Safety & Health Award

3.1.2. Accident Severity Rate in 2014 = 132 Accident Severity Rate in 2015 = 111

3.1.3. 0.1 Accident Frequency Rate

3.2. Productivity & Quality

3.2.1. Certified with People Developer (PD) by SPRING

3.2.2. Certified with Singapore Quality Class (SQC) Start by SPRING

3.3. Eco Consciousness

3.3.1. Renewable Energy (Solar Panel) Annual Savings of 91397 kWh Carbon reduction of approximately 27 tonnes Target Aim Achieve 16& improvement in Greenhouse Gas emissions from 2020 Business-As-Usual level

3.4. Community Development

3.4.1. 413 Scholarships awarded to students passionate in O&M Industry

3.5. People Development

3.5.1. $13.2 M Training Investments

4. Reduce 8000 jobs (26% reduction)

4.1. Weak Energy Price

4.2. 93% Net Profit Decrease in O&M Business

4.3. Can Technology help cushion the impact of the decrease in manpower? - RPA?

5. News

5.1. Keppel O&M contribution to Keppel Corp has reduced in 2015

5.1.1. 4 main devisions for Keppel Corp - Offshore and Marine - Investment - Property - Infrastructure

6. Property Management (Yards)

6.1. What if we can better facilitate activities across the different yards

6.2. 20 Yards Globally. Countries include: 1. Singapore 2. Azerbaijan 3. Brazil 4. China 5. Indonesia 6. Japan 7. UAE 8. Qatar 9. Philippines 10. Netherlands 11. USA  12. Bulgaria 13. India

6.2.1. Asia Singapore Capabilities (FELS) - Design and construct jackup rigs, semisubmersible rigs, floating production systems and other advanced vessels such as drillships - Repair, upgrade and conversion of offshore rigs - Design and development of critical rig equipment - Fabrication of offshore structures and rig components Capabilities (SingMarine) - Design and build Specialized Vessels Capabilities (Shipyard) - Conversion of FPSO/FSO/FSRU/FLNGV - Repair, upgrading and conversion of a diverse range and capacity of vessels - Topside engineering, fabrication and integration - Fabrication, installation and integration of mooring solutions such as turrets and spread mooring systems China Philippines Capabilities (Keppel Batangas Shipyard) - Offshore rig fabrication - Ship repair and conversion - Shipbuilding track record of more than 100 newbuilds Capabilities (Keppel FELS Brasil/BrasFELS) - Yard space of 522,230sm - Construction, refurbishment, conversion, life extension and repair of a complete range of mobile drilling rigs and production platforms Indonesia Capabilities (Bintan Offshore) - Fabricates module blocks for a variety of offshore projects - Steel structure fabrication and outfitting work as well as piping work, including fabrication, installation and testing. Capabilities (Keppel Nantong Shipyard (KNS)) - KNS constructs a wide range of vessels and offshore structures - KNS was the first shipyard in China to be awarded the highest grade of safety certification from the Chinese State Administration of Work Safety

6.2.2. Americas USA Capabilities (Keppel AmFELS) - Yard space of 555,438sm  - Construction, refurbishment, conversion, life extension and repair of a complete range of mobile drilling rigs and production platforms Brazil Capabilities (Keppel Singmarine Brasil) - Construction of specialised ships ranging from anchor handling tug/supply vessels to platform supply vessels, oil recovery support vessels and harbour tugs, among others - Fabrication of offshore modules

6.2.3. Europe Netherlands Capabilities (Keppel Verolme) - Dry-docking, repair and maintenance, modification, conversion and construction

6.2.4. Middle East Qatar Capabilities (Nakilat-Keppel O&M) - Ship repair and conversion - Construction and maintenance of offshore structures (jackup rigs, liftboats, jackets & piles, etc.)  - Provider of green shipping & gas-related marine solutions (e.g. BWTS installations, ME-GI conversion, etc.) - Leading provider of repairs and maintenance for gas carriers Emirates of Ajman Capabilities (Arab Heavy Industries) - Ship repair and conversion, shipbuilding, as well as offshore structures repairs and modifications - Newbuilding of tugboats, supply vessels, barges, landing craft, coastal freighters, jetties and pontoons

7. Core Principles

7.1. Best value propositions to customers.

7.2. Tapping and developing best talents from our global workforce.

7.3. Cultivating a spirit of innovation and enterprise.

7.4. Being prepared for the future

7.5. Executing our projects well

7.6. Being financially disciplined to earn best risk-adjusted returns.

7.7. Clarity of focus and operating within our core competence