Louis XIV reign

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Louis XIV reign by Mind Map: Louis XIV reign

1. Religious wars

2. Arts

3. Absolutism

4. Finance

5. The French Wars of Religion, or Huguenot Wars, are names for a period of civil infighting, military operations and religious war primarily fought between Roman Catholics and Huguenots in the Kingdom of France. .

6. It involved several minor territories around it, like the Kingdom of Navarre, and occasionally spilled beyond the French region

7. Approximately 3,000,000 people perished as a result of violence, famine and disease in the deadliest European religious war behind the Thirty Years' War, which took 8,000,000 lives in present-day Germany. Unlike all other religious wars at the time, the French wars retained its religious character.

8. Louis XIV style, visual arts produced in France during the reign of Louis XIV . The man most influential in French painting of the period was Nicolas Poussin.

9. founded the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture, an organization that dictated style to such a degree that it virtually controlled the fortunes of all French artists for the remainder of the reign.

10. The Gobelins factory, founded by Louis for the production of meubles de luxe and furnishings for the royal palaces and the public buildings, a national decorative arts style evolved that soon spread its influence into neighbouring countries. Furniture, for example, was veneered with tortoise shell or foreign woods, inlaid with brass, pewter, and ivory, or heavily gilded all over; heavy gilt bronze mounts protected the corners and other parts from friction and rough handling and provided further ornament

11. Louis XIV played a direct role in supervising France's economic policies, using the system of mercantilism, whereby he granted monopolies, charged tariffs and expanded French colonial interests.

12. King Louis XIV personally led the military, expanding the French army and navy and leading them in a series of wars that lasted throughout his reign

13. He tightly controlled all aspects of French government during his 72 year reign . The longest reign of any European monarch.

14. Louis xiv appointed jean baptiste cobalt as financial minister

15. Leading to Louis to givee privileges to a number of private industries and founded state manufactures. To guarantee the standard of workmanship, he made regulations for every sort of manufacture and imposed severe punishments (fines and the pillory) for counterfeiting and shortcomings

16. He encouraged the formation of companies to build ships and tried to obtain monopolies for French commerce abroad through the formation of trading companies

17. Done by Mansoor AL Mansoori

18. Battles include

19. Battle of Cape St. Vincent (1641)

20. Battle of Colberger Heide

21. Battle off Lizard Point

22. Artists who worked for  louisXIV

23. Nicolas Poussin

24. Charles Le Brun

25. François Girardon

26. Antoine Coysevox

27. Facts about Louis XIV

28. Louis XIV ascended to the throne at the age of four.

29. The princess Louis XIV married was his first cousin.

30. One of Louis XIV’s mistresses bore more of his children than his wife.

31. A state in the unite states  is named in his honour.

32. Louis First finance minister Nicolas fouquet was imprisoned and killed