Healthcare Informatics

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Healthcare Informatics by Mind Map: Healthcare Informatics

1. National Forces

1.1. Institute of Medicine (IOM)

1.1.1. Includes informatics a core competency for all healthcare professionals

1.2. Information Technology (IT)

1.2.1. national information infrastructure

1.2.2. computerized clinical data

1.2.3. use of the internet

1.2.4. clinical decision support

1.2.5. evidence-based practice integration

1.3. Federal/President Bush

1.3.1. Electronic Health Records (EHR) for every American

2. Nursing Forces

2.1. National Center for Nursing Research Goals

2.1.1. Establish a nursing language (useful in computerized documentation).

2.1.2. Develop methods to build clinical information databases

2.1.3. Determine how nurses give patient care using data, information, and knowledge

2.1.4. Develop and test patient care decision support systems

2.1.5. Develop workstations that provide nurses with needed information

2.1.6. Develop appropriate methods to evaluate nursing information systems

2.2. National Advisory Council on Nurse Education and Practice recommendations

2.2.1. Educate nursing students and practicing nurses in core informatics content.

2.2.2. Prepare nurses with specialized skills in informatics.

2.2.3. Enhance nursing practice and education through informatics projects.

2.2.4. Prepare nursing faculty in informatics.

2.2.5. Increase collaborative efforts in nursing informatics.

3. Consumer Forces

3.1. Patient Safety

3.1.1. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Phases IOM's 5 Goals/Competencies integrattion of the competencies in pilot nursing programs promoting the implementation and evaluation of knowledge, skills, and attitudes associated with the six goals/competencies

3.2. Healthcare Costs

3.2.1. Leapfrog Group mission goals Promoting the use of CPOE systems to reduce medication errors Encouraging consumers and healthcare purchasers to select hospitals with extensive experience and good outcomes for certain high-risk surgeries Promoting the staffing of intensive care units (ICUs) with intensivists or doctors with special training in the care of ICU patients Assessing hospitals’ progress on the National Quality Forum – endorsed safe practices.