Concept of Knowledge

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Concept of Knowledge by Mind Map: Concept of Knowledge

1. Definition

1.1. Literally from Arabic word ‘ilm, which means:

1.1.1. Al-Ma’rifah (المَعْرِفَةُ): knowing by experiment

1.1.2. Al-Fiqh (الفِقْهُ): Understanding

1.1.3. Tadabbur (تَدَبُّرُ): Observation

1.1.4. Basiran (بَصِيرًا ): Mental perception

1.1.5. Tadhakkur (تَذَكُّرُ): Remembrance

1.1.6. Tafakkur (تَفَكُّرُ): Thought

1.2. Meanwhile, it is technically means:

1.2.1. Realization of the meanings of things (Al-Ghazzali)

1.2.2. The arrival of the ma‘na (meaning) of an object in the soul & its arrival at the meaning. (Al-Attas)

1.2.3. Realization of something in its true nature

1.2.4. A firm belief that accords with the reality of things (47: 19)

2. Classification of knowledge

2.1. Limited knowledge

2.1.1. Gifted Natural  knowledge (daruri) Knowledge imparted in the very nature of the creation like the instinctive knowledge of animals and human babies Sacred knowledge Knowledge that Allah teaches men by way of Revelation to His Messengers

2.1.2. Acquired knowledge Acquired through effort by way of reflection, sense perception and experiment, experience Blameworthy knowledge Praiseworthy knowledge

2.2. Absolute Knowledge

3. Purpose of Seeking Knowledge in Islam

3.1. To practice with it. This is what Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked in His prayers:

3.1.1. "O Allah! Make my Ilm profitable for me, give me knowledge which is profitable and add in my knowledge.” (Tirmidhi, Da‘awat, 128)

3.1.2. “O Allah! I seek your refuge from useless knowledge.” (Tirmidhi, Da‘awat, 68)

3.2. To achieve the happiness of both worlds (hasanah fi al-Dunya wa al-Akhirah)

3.2.1. This world is like a field in which our actions are sown like seeds and they grow into plants which are then harvested in the next world

3.3. To distinguish between right and wrong

3.4. To get Allah’s pleasure

4. Degrees of knowledge

4.1. Knowledge by inference (‘Ilm al-Yaqin)

4.2. Knowledge by perception & observation (‘Ayn al-Yaqin)

4.3. Knowledge by inner experience (Haqq al-Yaqin)

5. Importance of Knowledge

5.1. The first revelation to the Messenger of Allah (Al-’Alaq: 1- 5)

5.2. Parallel with the man’s obligation as a khalifah (Al-Baqarah: 30-33)

5.3. Islam is a religion based upon knowledge.

5.4. The Quran is inviting man to ponder, think & learn.

5.5. Knowledge is the way to recognize Allah & discover the truth (An-Nisa’: 162; Saba’: 6)

5.6. Allah created & provided man with the tools for acquiring knowledge (al-Nahl: 78)

6. Adab (Manners) & Knowledge Acquisition

6.1. Purify soul from impure traits & blameworthy characteristics

6.2. Minimize affairs of the world

6.3. Be humble towards the teachers

6.4. Ignore the different opinions among people