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Semantics by Mind Map: Semantics

1. Knowledge

1.1. L2

1.2. Morphological transfer

1.3. Phonoorthographical - grammatical

1.3.1. Knowledge of grammar for language use

2. Language use-out put

2.1. Model stage-Lexical association stage

2.1.1. Understanding of the morphemes and other vocabulary of the English langugae

2.2. Association between L1 and L2 translations

2.2.1. L1 mediation stage- L2 vocabulary  acquisition stage

2.2.2. The L2 integration stage-Semantic, syntactic, and morphological features in L2

3. The study of word meaning

3.1. The study of semantics

3.1.1. Leads to incorrect word choice

3.2. Reliance on L1

3.3. Knowledge of the semantic system

3.3.1. Similar L1 translation English pairs

4. Laguage competence

4.1. Equivalence Hypothesis

4.2. Able to use words with greater authenticity

4.2.1. proficiency in language use and context for academics