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Dell Laptop by Mind Map: Dell Laptop

1. Origin

1.1. Design

1.1.1. Codesign Who Dell ingeneers Notebook design What Customer Needs Required technologies Dell's design innovation

1.1.2. Basic design Who Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) What Basic electronics

1.2. Key Supplier

1.2.1. Intel microprocessor Philippines Costa Rica China Malaysia

1.2.2. Memory Korea (Samsung) Japan (Elpida) Germany (Inifineon) Taiwan (Nanya)

1.2.3. Graphic card China MSI Foxconn

1.2.4. Cooling fan Taiwan CCI Auras

1.2.5. Motherboard Shangai Samsung Quanta Taiwan Compal Wistron

1.2.6. Keyboard China Alps Sunrex Darfon

1.2.7. LCD display South Korea Samsung LG Philips Japan Toshiba Sharp Taiwan Chi Mei Optoelectronics Hannstar Display AU Optronics

1.2.8. Wireless card China Agere USI Malaysia Arrow Taiwan Askey Gemtek

1.2.9. Modem China Asustek Liteon Foxconn

1.2.10. Battery Malaysia Motorola Sanyo China Sanyo Mexico Sanyo South Korea SDI Simplo Taiwan SDI Simplo

1.2.11. Hard disk Singapore Seagate Thailand Hitachi Fujitsu Philippines Toshiba

1.2.12. CD/DVD Drive Indonesia Samsung Teac Philippines Samsung China NEC Teac Sony Malaysia NEC Teac

1.2.13. Carrying bag China Tenba Targus Samsonite Pacific design

1.2.14. Power Adapter Thailand Delta China Liteon Samsung Mobility

1.2.15. Power Cord Volex China Malaysia India

1.2.16. Removable memory stick Israel M-system Malaysia Smart Modular

2. What?

2.1. Dell Inspirion 600 m Notebook

2.2. Tag number 9ZRJP41

3. Ordering

3.1. Different steps

3.1.1. Call Dell

3.1.2. Connected to sales represantive

3.1.3. Order into system type of notebook special features information personal info shipping adress billing adress creditcard info

3.1.4. Creditcard verified by Visa

3.1.5. Order released to a Dell factory Limerick, Ireland Xiamen, China Eldorado do Sul, Brasil Nashville, Tennessee, USA Austin, Texas, USA Penang, Malaysia

3.1.6. Parts ordered from SLC Next to the factory Supply Logistics Center Just In Time every 2 hours new parts ordered delivered within 90 minutes All day long

3.1.7. Parts arrive in factory unload parts register bar code putted into bins

4. Demand shipping

4.1. Parts Delay

4.1.1. offer another part One that is available Customer gets discount

4.1.2. wait until part is available

4.2. Too many parts in stock

4.2.1. Parts go on sale

5. Delivery

5.1. Different steps

5.1.1. Parts screwed together

5.1.2. Software downloaded

5.1.3. System placed in box protection foam label order number tracking code system type shipping code

5.1.4. Loaded on pallet to airport

5.1.5. On the plane 6 days a week Penang to Nashville 110 000 kg of notebooks

5.1.6. UPS delivers it to adress