Big Picture Pitch ideas for Belle Records

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Big Picture Pitch ideas for Belle Records by Mind Map: Big Picture Pitch ideas for Belle Records

1. My Future Self: Future Tara Efurd of Belle Records is different from anyone else that my audience has encountered in that she is more hard working and dedicated to her craft. After having completed my online music production from Full Sail I will have mastered presentation, Pro Tools, Logic and using other softwares to produce music. After interning with various record labels who have inspired me such as No Sleep Records or Run For Cover Records I got a sense of how the inner workings of the business for my future career.

1.1. A specialty of mine is music theory and after I finish my degree I plan maintaining a 3.75 GPA or higher. Also outside of school I have an interest in local music. As a matter of fact it was my local music scene that made me want to enter in to music production in the first place. Eventually I plan on helping in any way I can to get dedicated bands off the ground musically in any way I can.

1.2. A career goal I would someday hope to achieve would be to one day hold a concert showcasing all the musicians I employ. Through networking I could invite others who like myself are interested in looking for dedicated and talented artists to help out.

2. Presentation Flow: I want this presentation to be a depiction of me. I want employers to be gripped by what I have to offer them so I think the proper way to demonstrate the Simon Sienk Golden Circle method of brainstorming.

2.1. Beginning I will start with my "future self" sub tab story about how I want to help my local music scene in anyway I can.

2.2. Middle I think I'll explain my services and skills more in depth so they show just why I am a qualified and prime candidate. Based on my research of public speaker Robert Gupta that I plan to incorporate in my presentation.

2.3. End will be me sharing my dream of one day organizing a showcase to present my capabilities as a music producer. I believe that my target audience will be shown my best attributes this way.

3. STAR moments: my STAR moments or otherwise know as something they'll always remember will probably be my promise for satisfaction. I guarantee that my audience will be fully satisfied with the work they've received from my brand. They will takeaway a feeling of confidence and motivation because I plan to deliver my presentation in just that way.

4. Target Audience: future employers, colleagues in my field of music production, also future artists who would want to employ my service of producing an album for them.

4.1. Skills I believe my industry looks for aside from the obvious music producing skill would be reliability, accountability and dedication to my work. I believe that its also important that I am well informed on my current music trends and what the audience of my clients would want.

4.2. More importantly I got a lot of inspiration from the TED Talks of Robert Gupta I've been watching and wanted to try to embody his style of presenting in my future speech. I believe his way of speaking was so commanding and powerful, it actually inspired me!

5. My True Message: I am doing this presentation to show future employers and clients the talents that I can bring to the table that no one else can provide them. I want my audience to feel confident in what I'm marketing to them and I also want them to recommend me to others.