The male reproductive system

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The male reproductive system by Mind Map: The male reproductive system

1. the semen is ejaculated from the penis.

2. produce and store sperm

3. urethra

3.1. expels urine.

4. testicles

5. vasa deferentia

5.1. are two tubes that conect testicles with seminal vesi

6. contain the uretra, it expels orine and ejacutes semen

7. seminal vesicles and prostate

7.1. produce a liquid that from part of semen.

7.1.1. the semen is a liquid that carries the sperm and gives it nutrients.

8. It produces and transport sperm cells

9. parts

9.1. scrptum

9.1.1. It is a bag that contain the testicles

9.2. penis

10. funciones

11. secodary sexsual characteristics

11.1. the pubic hair begins to grow.

11.2. the testicles enlarge and the escrotum become large and coarser.

11.3. the penis grows longer and thicker the penos.

11.4. the voice deepens, hair start to grow under the arms and the face, and the skin become coarse and develop acne.