Pragmatic Competence

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Pragmatic Competence by Mind Map: Pragmatic Competence

1. The relationship between linguistic contexts and extralinguistic contexts. It embraces the traditional subject matter of psycholinguistics and also that of Sociolinguistics (Oller,1970)

2. In the classroom, pragmatic competence is closely related to the communicative competence. While communicative competence gives us the tools to comunicate, pragmatic competence gives us the context in which we are going to use certain types of communication.

3. Pragmatics is The way people communicate information to other people, or how they merely express themselves and their feelings through the use of language.

3.1. In a simpler way, pragamatics is the ability that language users have to communicate meaning in context.

4. For Chomsky pragmatic competence is defined as the ability to place “language in the institutional settings of its use, relating intentions and purposes to the linguistic means at hand.”

4.1. He distinguishes it from grammatical competence by claiming that grammatical competence is limited to the knowledge of the form of the language, while pragmatic competence is more related to its use.