static electricity

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static electricity by Mind Map: static electricity

1. laws

1.1. rubbing

1.1.1. positive charge glass(rubbed with silk) perspex(rubbed with wool)

1.1.2. electircally charged effects = amber, attracts samll materials when rubbed with fur.

1.1.3. negatively charged amber(rubbed with fur) polythene(rubbed with wool) rubber(rubbed with fur)

1.2. laws of charges

1.2.1. like charges repel unlike charges attract

2. electric field

2.1. region which electric charge experience a force

2.1.1. electric field line = path which positive takes if free to move

3. principles

3.1. charging by rubbing

3.1.1. amber rod +fur [amber<<negative charge(from fur)

3.2. charging by induction

3.2.1. production of lctric cgarge on surface of conductor under influence of an electric field advantage CAN BE REPEATED MANY TIMES WITHOUT LOSS OF CHARGE

3.2.2. EARTHING PROCESS positive to neutral

4. hazards

4.1. electostatic hazards

4.1.1. tyres gain negative charges br friction frm roads metal body of truck positively charged by induction sparks may be produced