Stay-at-home mom with 20 years of running a home experience

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Stay-at-home mom with 20 years of running a home experience by Mind Map: Stay-at-home mom with 20 years of running a home experience

1. Kids

1.1. Tips for getting kids ready in the morning for school.

1.2. Tips for managing kids' schedules. -How to prioritize when there are conflicting choices? -How to choose when there are competing schedules between children?

1.3. How to get homework done.

1.4. How to handle family chores.

1.5. How to ....

1.5.1. I'd brainstorm a list of all the things that you've taught your children to do and then work from that list. Especially if there is an area where you would say to yourself, "No one would want this. Everyone knows this." That sentence is the single best trigger for identifying your zone of genius and what MOST people do not already know and would gladly exchange their financial resources for your knowledge, skills, and experience.

1.6. What are the different ways you parented your kids at different ages?

1.6.1. Infant

1.6.2. Toddler

1.6.3. Child

1.6.4. Pre-Teen

1.6.5. Teenagers

1.6.6. Kids as adults :)

1.7. Did you have a child that required a different skill set of "mom-development"?

1.7.1. Gifted/talented

1.7.2. Special Needs

1.7.3. Different learning styles

1.7.4. Not interested in school

1.7.5. Not interested in sports

1.7.6. Extremely passionate about _____

2. Your Passions, Hobbies, & Skills

2.1. Do you have any hobbies that you could teach someone else about?

2.2. What are the skills you have that you could teach someone else?

2.3. What are you passionate about that you would like to inspire in someone else?

3. Home

3.1. Decluttering

3.1.1. Kitchens

3.1.2. Bathrooms

3.1.3. Bedrooms

3.1.4. Living Rooms

3.1.5. Dining rooms

3.1.6. Basements

3.1.7. Garages

3.1.8. Sheds

3.2. Simplifying

3.2.1. Paying bills.

3.2.2. Making meals.

3.2.3. Grocery shopping.

3.2.4. Doing housework.

3.2.5. Getting kids where they need to be.

3.2.6. Scheduling different family appointments (doctor, dentist, eye, car, etc.)

3.2.7. Christmas shopping.

3.2.8. Holiday decorating.

3.2.9. Organizing closets.

3.2.10. Changing out kids' clothes based on season or sizing. How to store kids clothes for younger siblings.

3.2.11. Planning family vacations.

3.3. What are your favorite ...

3.3.1. Cleaning tools

3.3.2. Products to use in your home.

3.3.3. Places to shop for the stuff you use in your home.

4. Life

4.1. Decluttering

4.1.1. Prioritizing people you spend time with.

4.1.2. Prioritizing how you spend your time.

4.1.3. How to choose where to spend your time.

4.1.4. How to remove those activities that are no longer serving you.

4.1.5. How to clean out all the "stuff" that is taking up your valuable time.

4.2. Simplifying

4.2.1. Daily schedule.

4.2.2. How to say "yes" to the life activities that feed your soul.

4.2.3. How to focus on what is important in life.

4.2.4. How to be present in the moment.

4.3. Breakdown further by your role as a ...

4.3.1. Woman

4.3.2. Wife

4.3.3. Mother