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1. empire nav

1.1. news

1.1.1. in the news newsletter signup asking for too much - should be just email news feed ARTICLE

1.1.2. walk to end alz whole new site needs to open in new tab WALKS TEAMS PARTICIPANTS GROUPS DONORS/DONATIONS

1.1.3. upcoming events same as events sub nav

1.2. events

1.2.1. landing page EVENT blurb title date (range, day, month, year round) image image link to event page (always separate site?)

1.3. press

1.3.1. media static page on contacting

1.3.2. current news releases NEWS RELEASE Title Date Blurb pdf

1.3.3. archived news releases

1.3.4. statements whoa! Changes subnav to About section looks valuable, but locked up in PDFs STATEMENT examples Driving and Dementia Genetic Testing End of Life Care

1.3.5. strategic vision whoa! Changes subnav to About section. Also changes name to Strategic Plan Static content? vision mission CORE VALUES?! 10 year vision

1.3.6. media library (b roll) need password

1.3.7. media resources REPORTS white papers? EARLY SIGNS CHAMPIONS?

1.3.8. Celebrity Alz champs

1.4. contact

2. Main Nav

2.1. About us

2.1.1. side subnav ANNUAL REPORTS FINANCIAL REPORTS PEOPLE Name title type SPONSORS more links to events Champions at Work WORKPLACE CAMPAIGNS Shop??? PRODUCTS

2.1.2. subnav horizontal in your area LOCAL OFFICE Alz and dementia Life with Alz Research Professionals We can help join the cause

2.2. e-newsletter

2.3. message board



2.4. action center


2.5. Advocate

2.6. Walk

2.7. Shop

2.8. Donate