Chpt 16 Static Electricty Daniel Tan 4Science3

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Chpt 16 Static Electricty Daniel Tan 4Science3 by Mind Map: Chpt 16 Static Electricty Daniel Tan 4Science3

1. Charges

1.1. SI Units

1.1.1. Coulumbs(C)

1.2. Types

1.2.1. Positive+ Glass (Rubbed with Silk) Perspex(Rubbed with Wool)

1.2.2. Negative- Amber(Rubbed with Fur) Rubber(Rubbed with Fur) Polythene(Rubbed with Wool)

1.3. Law of Charges

1.3.1. Like Charges Repel

1.3.2. Unlike Charges Attract

2. Charging

2.1. Rubbing

2.1.1. Transfer of Charges, Due to the Movement of Electrons

2.2. Induction

2.2.1. Production of Electric charge on the surface of a conductor under the influence of a electric field

3. Electric Field

3.1. Region in which an electric charge experience a force

3.2. Point Charges

3.2.1. Positive+ Electric Field lines drawn away from the charge

3.2.2. Negative- Electric Field lines drawn towards the charge

3.3. Drawing Combined Electric Fields

3.3.1. Step1: Lines MUST begin from + Charges and end on - Charges

3.3.2. Step2: No. of lines drawn from the + charges to - charges is proportional to the magnitude of the charge

3.3.3. Step3: No 2 Fields can Cross each other