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1. Do we offer the same subject events at each campus?

1.1. Thoughs

2. Decisions

2.1. All at Dover

2.1.1. decision made tele conference

2.1.2. Do we offer different dpt subject events at each campus/ Thoughts

2.2. Information and background

2.3. Do we offer a bit of both?

2.3.1. Thoughts

2.4. Name of the event - theme associated with place (Singapore location)

2.4.1. proposal put forward

3. Events - what can we offer?

3.1. Dover

3.1.1. Art

3.1.2. Drama

3.1.3. Music

3.1.4. Dance

3.1.5. Film

3.1.6. ...

4. Date

4.1. 19-21 Jan

4.2. Singapore Art Week

4.3. email from mike to launch with admin

5. SEASAC is a conglomerate of schools in the South East Asian region that provides friendly sports competition and Arts enrichment to the students of it's member schools. As a member school we are obliged to 1/ host an event 2/ attend the other events.

6. Steps from here

6.1. both campus Arts subjects meet - (one rep from each dpt to begin with?)

6.1.1. When?

6.2. elicit support from the Activities dpts

6.3. elicit support from campus leadership teams

6.3.1. We need it explained that this is a school commitment and that it is not optional

6.3.2. Letter to all arts staff from ADs or Heads of campus?

6.4. Budget

6.4.1. I think about 12 schools will come - 10 per school 120 students + 24 teachers - gives us a budget of $12,000 for while they are here. food transport tuition materials t-shirt

6.4.2. Schools pay for own travel here and back, evening meals, accom

6.4.3. Spreadsheet for expences

6.5. Organising committee

6.5.1. Committee roles One from each subject from each campus Coordinators Coordinate with communications graphics logo publicity who to coordinate with comms? Budget spending tracking (suggest activities person)

6.6. What can we get rolling from here?

6.6.1. call for contibutors

6.6.2. Web site with all the features minus the detail who to liaise with communications? Last years site

6.6.3. Singapore Art Week

6.7. Theme

6.7.1. "Experiencing place" is in the handbook

6.7.2. Materials

6.7.3. What sticks out as obvious interesting and easy? “Melting the Pot - Feeding our Souls!” Shared with arts teachers here get approval from others

6.7.4. Planning sheet with theme

6.8. Forms for registration etc

6.8.1. Registration

6.8.2. Mikes first email to delegates

6.9. workshop and tasters overview

6.10. Volunteering UWCSEA Staff

7. Budget Expenditure as they arise

7.1. Add to the sheet

8. Archive

8.1. Essentials

8.1.1. Website Communications to do Last years site

8.1.2. Arts represented What can we offer?

8.1.3. Information out after we are back in Aug or before this break, even if it is a flyer to reserve the dates Discussed and agreed to

8.1.4. Logistics Accom Food Night events Guides over the event T-Shirt Activities will cover

8.2. Do we offer the same subject events at each campus?

8.2.1. Thoughs

9. To Dos - 11/1

9.1. download the talk tour - see that it works (note how long it is current for)

9.2. create drawing package for Rebecca and I

9.3. follow up on paying Danielle

9.4. look at things to do on the other trips - finalise

9.5. do a sheet with staff responsibilities for each art staff here and Danielle