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Comm101 by Mind Map: Comm101

1. Intro to Management (1)- Learned things like how to focus on consumer motivation, government intervention and interaction of stakeholders.

2. Marketing Meets Accounting (2)- Fixed cost/ Variable cost/SWOT (internal factors s&w-external factors o&t)

3. Business Ethics (3)- Seeing different kinds of ethics in business which we all write in our blog post/ Profits are obviously important for a for-profit company-But they are never the only thing that matters/ Learning what matters and how they matter is a critical part of a successful business education/ Business are like people, will never be perfect!

4. Financial Accounting (4)- The accounting equation(A-L=SE)/ What is financial accounting?/ Income statement and Cash Flow/ What is an asset?

5. Business Model Canvas (5)- The case preparation stages/ Urgency, Important Matrix Urgent/Cause, Effect/ Business Plan/ Identifying issues, Analysis, Recommendation= creative thinking

6. Operation Meets Marketing and Accounting (6)- Operation is the making and delivery of any product or service/ Key issues= Framework, Processes, Inventory, Variability, Capacity Measurement, Quality/ Manufacturer-Distributer-Warehouse-Retail

7. BMS& Strategy (7)- Strategy=Choices/ Strategy is the integrated set of choices that positions the business in its industry so as to generate superior financial returns in long run/ Points of Strategy- To create a competitive Advantage-Business Landscape-Competition- Dynamics between players- Industry drives

8. People, Culture, Foundational Concepts in HR(19)- A pattern of shared values, benefits and assumptions considered to be the appropriate way to think and act within an organization/ Scope: Hiring, compensation, training, staffing performance/management/ Call centers- High level job stress- Positive Atmosphere

9. Social Enterprise (20)- Value Proposition/Custom Segmentation- Someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and help/ Financial + Social returns

10. Value Propositions (8)- Summarize the company or brand positioning/ Points of Parity: Some attribute or delivery of the products/ to=target segments with a specific need, our= brand, is= frame the category in consumer terms-tend to be pop, that= provides points of difference benefit.

11. Management Accounting (9)- Product profitability statement= Management Accounting uses a statement that is different from the financial Accounting income statement/ Company net income=Financial/ Product income= Managerial/ Sunk Cost/ Break-even tool/ fixed cost over selling price less variable costs

12. Business Plans& Strategies (10)- PEST/ Porter’s 5 forces of Industry Attractiveness/ Rivalry-Supplier Power-Barriers to Entry- Buyers Power-Threat of Substitutes

13. Market Research& Consumer Behavior (11)- Be clear and specific about questions/ Word of mouth, if negative leave to other brands/ Types of research- Quantitave and Qualitative/ Past &Present data to reduce risk and increase certainty spend money and time/ Cookie Test

14. Finance (13)- Growth=Acquisition, investment in PPE/ Exit= Monetizing shareholder investment(liquidity)/ Increased Market Value= Increased liquidity, availability of information and comparability to other public companies/Cost=Initial listing fee, higher compliance costs for legal and audit going forward and time/ Performance Presssure= Shareholders needs result each quarter

15. Sustainability& Shared Values (15)- CSR-CSV/ The chief sustainability officer typically charged with Compliance- Efficiency- Innovation

16. Innovation& Entrepreneurship (16)- Innovation- Sustaining innovation- Disruptive innovation- technical disruption- business model innovation/ How to come up with a great startup idea?

17. Performance Evaluation& BTM (17)- Inventory turnover ratio: cost of goods sold/ inventory-measuring profitability: return on asset= profit/ average total assets- earnings per share= profit/ average# of shares outstanding- Centralized vs Decentralized/ division structure- region, product, function

18. Alumni (18)- They influenced me about how they become so far/ they gave me ideas about gap year, participating in a club and which books to read