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Gender/Sexuality by Mind Map: Gender/Sexuality

1. describe beliefs of the most influential factors in a person's gender identify or sexual orientation

1.1. Personality is influenced by both a persons biological and environmental factors. Culture also is one of the most important environmental factors that shapes personality.

1.2. When one considers cultural influences on personality it is important because the Westerners ideas and theories are not necessarily applicable to other cultures. Some research shows that the strength of personality traits varies greatly across cultures.

1.3. People who live in an individualist culture tend to value independence, competition, and personal achievement. While people from collectivist cultures tend to value social harmony, respectfulness, and group needs.

1.4. In much the same manner that cultural norms can influence personality and behavior, gender norms also emphasize different traits between different genders and thereby influence the development of personality.

1.5. In the U.S., aggression and assertiveness are emphasized as positive traits for males, while submissiveness and caretaking are emphasized for females.

1.6. There are three approaches that can be used to study personality in a cultural context: the cultural-comparative approach, the indigenous approach, and the combined approach, which incorporates elements of the first two approaches.

2. describe a real or hypothetical example that supports

2.1. There are many examples that I could give on this topic. I learned a lot about this in my anthropology class that I took at the beginning of this year.

2.2. One example that I could give of support to this in my family would be the fact that we except each other, wort's and all. When I say that I mean we except that my little sister can't make up her mind whether she is gay or not.

2.3. Another would be when it comes to the cultural influences in my family we tend to be a mix of both individualist and collectivist cultures. It really just depends on the time of the month and who is being asked about anything.