Assessment & Evaluation

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Assessment & Evaluation by Mind Map: Assessment & Evaluation

1. Assessment - to measure student learning

1.1. Formative

1.1.1. During instruction to plan/redirect instruction

1.1.2. homework assignments, pop quizzes, kwl, muddiest point

1.2. Summative

1.2.1. To measure and document learning

1.2.2. Used to assign grades and evaluate programs

1.2.3. Chapter or Unit Exams, term papers

1.3. The same instrument might be used as both a formative and summative assessment depending on the timing and purpose of the assessment

2. Evaluation

2.1. analyzing course or a component of the course to ascertain the effectiveness

2.1.1. it seems you should evaluate the effectiveness as close to the time the component is done in the class to get the freshest thoughts/feelings about that component from the students

2.2. Surveys, Anonymous Discussions, casual in-class surveys, maybe polls on mobile phones

2.3. Kirkpatrick 4 Levels

2.3.1. Reaction of Student

2.3.2. Learning

2.3.3. Behavior

2.3.4. Results

2.4. Survey Monkey

2.5. BB Assessment Survey Type

2.6. Questions should be straight-forward, deal with 1 concept in a question, and have consistent answer formats to make it easy on the person taking the survey.

2.7. Probably need to be careful to not overdo evaluation. Maybe have an evaluation after each unit and keep the number of questions small and then more generic questions at the end of the course.

3. Assessment Characteristics

3.1. explicit expectations

3.2. Clearly communicated

3.3. A process

3.4. What was learned and to what extent

3.5. Feedback loop to improve

4. Traditional Assessment

4.1. MC, TF, Matching types of questions, typically easily graded and choices are clear-cut. Can include some types of essays if it's just purely listing known information

4.2. Can still test critical thinking and higher order student learning if questions are well constructed.

4.3. All Quizzes on the Lab Tutorials that cover various technical topics like Using Windows, Wireless Technology, etc. These are all made up of T/F & MC questions.

4.4. My 3 Unit Exams fall under this category as well. Made up of a combination of TF, MC, Matching, and Paragraph questions with expected responses on the paragraph questions. The paragraph questions require me to grade them to assign points, but they're not essay questions.

5. Alternative Assessment

5.1. Performance Based

5.2. Authentic

5.3. Must create something

5.4. Current Alternative Assessments in my class: Glogster, Word 2007, PPT 2007, Excel 2007, Online Debate, Critical Analysis Paper, PhotoStory Movie, VoiceThread Technology Issue Investigation

5.5. Rubrics

6. BB Assessments support all kinds of questions, lots of options, and easy to administer