Racism and prejudice

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Racism and prejudice by Mind Map: Racism and prejudice

1. Films and books about racism

1.1. The butler

1.1.1. The film is about a black man who become butler in the white house

1.1.2. The butlers dad was killed in front of him

1.1.3. He growed up like a slave

1.2. Martin Luther King

1.2.1. Is a book about Martin Luther Kings life and all the things he had done

1.3. Nelson Mandela

1.3.1. Is a book and a film about Nelson Mandela

2. Racism in general

2.1. Prejudice - Fordomsfuld

2.2. Equel rigths - Lige rettigheder

2.3. Suffragettes - stemmeret kvinde

2.4. Prejudice - fordom

2.5. The fight for civil rigths - kampen for civile rettigheder

2.6. Segregation - raceadskillelse

3. Presidents

3.1. Dweight D. Eisenhower

3.2. J. F. Kennedy

3.3. Lyndon B. Johnson

3.4. Nixon

3.5. Geralt Ford

3.6. Jimmi Carten

3.7. Ronald Reagen

3.8. Barach Obama

3.9. Donald Trump

4. Civil rights movement

4.1. A overall titel for all of them who fought against racism

5. Fighters against racism

5.1. Martin Luther King

5.1.1. Martin Luther King was fighting for equel rights

5.1.2. Was a famous freedom rider

5.1.3. Was the man who had rite the famous speech - "I have a dream"

5.1.4. Martin Luther King was born on 15 january 1929

5.1.5. He was the leader of the busboycott and got famous because of it

5.2. Rosa Parks

5.2.1. Was arrested because she dosen't stood up for a white man in a bus

5.3. Nelson Mandela

5.3.1. Was a fighter for equel right like Martin Luther King

5.3.2. Was the first black president in south africa

5.3.3. Was leader of the ANC ANC - African nationel congress

6. Ways to protest against racism

6.1. Sit-ins

6.1.1. Black people who are sitting on resturants and thing like that. To annoy the whites

6.2. The freedom riders

6.2.1. Louis from the film "butler" - was a freedom rider

6.3. Bus boycott

6.3.1. Martin Luther King started the bus boycott and was the leader of it. And all blacks didn't go with the bus and some whites was backing them up.

7. The society in the the USA

7.1. The society of the united states is a western culture