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Hayley's Mind map vocab project by Mind Map: Hayley's Mind map vocab project
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Hayley's Mind map vocab project

organism population community ecosystem biome biosphere food chain food web producer primary consumer secondary consumer tertiary consumer trophic levels rainforest temperate deciduous forest coniferous forest desert tundra grassland/savannah freshwater biome marine biome

food web

primary consumer

eats producers ex: cows, rabbits, girffafes, etc.

secondary consumer

eats secondary ex: foxes, cats, hawks...

tertiary consumer

A creature who eats all >:D


mostly plants who get energy from the sun.

tropic levels

levels that show where which animal is in the food chain.


The whole planet


A biome is a geological area adn there are many different biomes in which creatures live in.

food chain

primary consumer

secondary consumer

tertiary consumer


tropic levels



any living creature


the amount of a single species.


all sorts of creatures that live side by side.


a system in which abiotic and biotic factors interact with each other.

hot spots

where the most biodiversity of creatures lives.


primary succession

when life starts on bare rock.

secondary succession

where life restarts after a disaster.

climax community

The finished ecosystem after going through succession.

Ecological succession


population growth

the growth in population

population growth rate

how fast the population grows

Exponentional growth

when the population grows faster as there are more beings.

logistic growth

when the population goes up and down, keeping the beings in a stable world.


if resources