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Intro to Social Media by Mind Map: Intro to Social Media
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Intro to Social Media

What is social media?


Where can I find social media?

How can social media help you?

Establish expertise

Find jobs/work

Control negative information

Expands your network of friends/colleagues

Another way for people to contact you or discover you.

What NOT to do online.

Do not be unprofessional.

Do not feed the trolls.

Do not blast your audience.

Do not give up

Don't be a robot

Social Media for Job Seeking

It's OK to say, "I'm looking for a job"

Social Media for Business

Find out what customers are saying.

Reach out to your regulars.

Internal Social Media


Hands on




Pharr Literacy Project Network

About Me

Began blogging in 2005

Started podcasting

Met Aaron Peña

Met with San Antonio Podcaster group

Came back to RGV

Key lessons

It's about people

It's not a waste of time

Your audience will be different

You have to share