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SuitRent by Mind Map: SuitRent
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SuitRent Office/storage

New order in UberRUSH app

New delivery, Uber arrives, driver takes package

Employee packs the suite

Whats your size?

Select size

List of available suits, Select suit, Suit details, Rent for 48hrs, Delivery Address, phone, e-mail, Proceed to payment, CC details, Done, Use UberRUSH, Thank you e-mail, Thank you! Waiting for delivery, Some time later, UberRUSH SMS:"Your UberRUSH delivery is arriving now", User takes package, ~24 hours later, Reminder SMS, reply with return time options, E-mail about return with UBER arrival options, 1pm–2pm, Option sent SuitRent Office/storage, Later at selected timeframe, Uber arrives, user gives package back, IF user gives suite, Suit arrive to SuiteRent Office, Thank you e-mail!, Card is billed, IF user ignores Uber, 4pm–5pm, 5pm–8pm, Return Now, Card is billed for delivery, Security deposit, Filter (change size, type, color etc)

SuitRent Office

Call Uber when it time, send to customers home