A dress

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A dress by Mind Map: A dress

1. Usage

1.1. by adult women

1.2. by young girls

1.3. proms,weddings

1.4. school,work

1.5. any occasion basically

2. a skirt with an attached bodice

3. Types

3.1. Shirtwaist

3.1.1. a dress with a bodice (waist) like a tailored shirt and an attached straight or full skirt

3.2. Sheath

3.2.1. a fitted, often sleeveless dress, often without a waistseam

3.3. Shirtwaist

3.3.1. a dress with a bodice (waist) like a tailored shirt and an attached straight or full skirt

3.4. Jumper dress

3.4.1. a sleeveless dress intended to be worn over a layering top or blouse. Jumper dresses exist for both summer and winter wear

3.5. Sundress

3.5.1. an informal sleeveless dress of any shape in a lightweight fabric, for summer wear

3.6. Tent

3.6.1. a dress flared from above the bust, sometimes with a yoke

3.7. Maxi dress

3.7.1. a long, formfitting, floor or ankle length dress

3.8. Surplice dress

3.8.1. has a neckline which is formed by two pieces of fabric wrapping around each other creating a V-neck

3.9. Wrap dress

3.9.1. a dress with a front closure formed by wrapping one side across the other and knotting the attached ties on the side, or fastening buttons. This forms a V-shaped neckline and hugs a woman's curves

3.10. Tutu dress

3.10.1. a dress that normally had a top that resembles a corset or bodice and is attatched by a chiffon skirt that puffs out from the waist and is elasticated. The skirt is also normally layered

3.11. A-Line dress

3.11.1. a dress that is fitted at the bodice and flares out gradually at the skirt, like the letter A

3.12. Empire dress

3.12.1. a dress with a low neckline, short sleeves, a high waistline, and a straight loose skirt

3.13. Coat dress

3.13.1. a dress tailored like a coat that buttons up the front

3.14. Maternity dress

3.14.1. a dress cut to loosely fit a pregnant woman's silhouette

3.15. Peasant dress

3.15.1. a dress with a simple, "peasant" design, often with bows

3.16. Tunic dress

3.16.1. a dress cut like a man's tunic, often worn over blouses and skirts or for sports

4. Fads and fashions

4.1. Chanel's little black dress

4.2. Kitty Foyle

4.2.1. a dark-colored dress with contrasting collar and cuffs

4.3. Granny gown

4.3.1. an ankle-length, often ruffled, day dress of printed calico

4.4. Hoodie dress

4.4.1. a dress with a hoodie. This can look like the style of a regular hoodie top or it can look like a hoodie without sleeves and a long sleeved shirt underneath.

4.5. Princess cut dress

4.5.1. a gown made of fitted sections of material, worn over a crinoline and flared out at the hem

4.6. Flapper dress

4.6.1. a dress with a short skirt and often fringed or feathery trim

4.7. Hobble dress

4.7.1. a close-fitting dress with a tight skirt

5. a garment

6. an item of women's and girls' apparel

7. the hemline depends on the whims of fashion, modesty and personal taste

8. An alternative to a separate skirt and blouse or trousers