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games :') by Mind Map: games :')

1. Personal Todo List

2. rainbow game

2.1. pot of gold at end

2.2. maybe chocolate in the pot of gold

2.3. aim of the game is to get to the end of the rainbow.

2.3.1. cards with general knowledge questions to answer. get it right and you go forwards to the pot of chocolate gold !

3. the car game..

3.1. you have cars and a road.

3.1.1. you drive on the road and have too get too the end.. but there are stops on the way where you have too do a drawing of something too d with history and your partner must guess what it is.

4. the globe game.

4.1. if someone else owns the country and you land on it you either have too pay them, or you have too make a deal with them.

4.2. you play against people and try and take over the world.

4.2.1. you have too pay for countries

4.2.2. you also can sell countries

4.2.3. you have too have the most money. and the most property

4.2.4. there are cards that give you money.

4.2.5. and cards that can ruin your whole game.

4.3. its 3d

4.4. its like monopoly.

4.4.1. the game can go on for ever, no ending. never getting bored.

4.4.2. but there are problems that come up on the cards... ? ? ? natural disasters wars. protests. bad governments.

4.4.3. the aim is too own the world. it helps with history.. it helps with geography.

5. My Geistesblitzes

5.1. Check out