How the Great War Ended

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How the Great War Ended by Mind Map: How the Great War Ended

1. Advancing Allies

1.1. They Pushed the Germans back their own border

1.2. Turkey and Austro-Hungry both signed an Armistice

2. The Big Four

2.1. Members

2.1.1. United Kingdom David Lloyd George

2.1.2. U.S.A Woodrow Wilson

2.1.3. Italy Vittorio Emanuele Orlando

2.1.4. France Georges Clemenceau

2.2. They were countries that were victors of WW1.

3. The League of Nations

3.1. It formed after the war ended

3.2. It was their job to try and prevent another war from starting

3.3. The league of nations home base was in Geneva, Switzerland

3.4. Germany weren't allowed to join the league of nations, it was a term in the treaty of versailles.

3.5. The League Nations changed their name to the United Nations after the US joined.

3.5.1. They are still in force today

3.6. It was founded as a result of the treaty of versailles in 1919 to 1920

3.7. The countries at the time that did not join the League of nations were USSR (Russia), Germany and U.S.A (Joined later)

4. Treaty Versailles

4.1. It was a treaty signed in Versailles, France

4.2. It was singed by the big four.

4.3. It was signed so the four men could decide the fate of the Central Powers

4.3.1. German Empire

4.3.2. Austria-Hungran Empire

4.3.3. Bulgaria

4.3.4. The Ottoman empire

4.4. Treaty Terms

4.4.1. The Germans had to accept the fact that they started the war.

4.4.2. They had to pay 6,600 million pounds for the damages caused by them.

4.4.3. They were not allowed to have an air force or have submarines. They could have 6 battle ships and an army of 100,000 men They were also not allowed to place any troops in a piece of land next to France, known as Rhineland.

4.4.4. The land that Germany lost was given to Britain and France as colonies.

4.4.5. They were not allowed to join the League of Nations and they weren't allowed to join up and unite with Austria.