Hunger Questions!

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Hunger Questions! by Mind Map: Hunger Questions!

1. Knowledge Questions

1.1. 1) What is Hunger?

1.2. 2) What causes Hunger?

1.3. 3) Why does Hunger cause death?

2. Comprehension Questions

2.1. 1) Why is Hunger important to know about?

2.2. 2) How do people recover from Hunger?

2.3. 3) What is the rate of people suffering from Hunger each day?

2.4. 4) How can we understand Hunger?

3. Application Questions

3.1. 1) How can we help people suffering from Hunger?

3.2. 2) How do we know if one is suffering from Hunger?

3.3. 3) How many ways are there to recover from Hunger?

4. Analysing Questions

4.1. 1) What happens to your body when you are suffering from Hunger?

4.2. 2) Will Hunger damage your body and how?

5. Synthesis Questions

5.1. 1) Are there any types of medication to stop Hunger?

5.2. 2) How do you make a pill to recover from Hunger?

6. Evaluation Questions

6.1. 1) What is the average amount of people suffering from Hunger?