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Bullying by Mind Map: Bullying

1. Where

1.1. School

1.1.1. Kid Vs Kid

1.1.2. Teacher Vs Kid

1.1.3. Group Vs Kid

1.2. Home

1.2.1. Parents Vs Kid

1.2.2. Sibling Vs Sibling

1.2.3. Parent Vs Parent

1.3. Work

1.4. Public areas

1.5. Anywhere

2. What I can Do

2.1. Tell someone

2.1.1. Teacher

2.1.2. Parent

2.1.3. Friends

2.2. Talk to the bully

2.3. Talk to the victim

2.4. Don't encourage cyber bulling

2.4.1. Don't repost mean comments

2.4.2. Stand up for victim

3. Types

3.1. Cyber Bullying

3.2. Verbal Bullying

3.3. Physical Bullying

3.4. Non-Verbal Bullying

4. Reasons

4.1. Bully is sad, depressed or having trouble at home

4.2. Victim is just really annoying

4.3. Bully is trying to be cool

4.3.1. Might be part of a pack

4.3.2. Trying to impress friends

4.4. Victim has something that the bully wants

4.5. The bully has been bullied

4.5.1. Takes anger out on someone else

4.5.2. Made to feel insignificant

4.6. Victim is different

4.6.1. Gay

4.6.2. Race

4.6.3. Gender

4.6.4. Personality

4.6.5. Looks

5. My Thoughts

5.1. Certain types of bulling are lessons

5.1.1. Verbal and non-verbal bullying can teach the victim that life is hard and people can be mean

5.1.2. It should only be considered a lesson when the victim is not depressed and sad

5.2. Physical and Cyber bulling are not ok

5.2.1. Any Bullying that threatens the victims safety should be stopped

5.2.2. Bullying that can effect the victims future in a bad way should be stopped

5.3. Victims should tell the bully first then tell a teacher if they don't stop

5.3.1. Bully may not know he is bullying

5.3.2. Victim might lose the bully as a friend if they get teacher first

6. Solutions

6.1. Tell a teacher/adult

6.2. Communicate with the bully

6.2.1. Tell them to stop

6.3. Protect the victims

6.4. Speak to counsellor/parent