TV Idents

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TV Idents by Mind Map: TV Idents

1. Identity

1.1. links with the logo

1.2. the logo shows the identity of the channel

1.3. A difference in identity is important to show the difference to other channels that they are in competition with

1.4. BBC also use a circle to represent the world to show that they are a world wide channel and represent a variety of programs for a wide audience

2. Marketing

2.1. This is also shown through logo and idents as they try to sell there channel or channels

2.2. Channels such as sky 1,2 and 3 have to do this to get new subscribers to get income, other channels such as bbc they get public service money and the other main stream channels like itv, channel 4 and five only get a small amount

2.3. Some idents in them selfs are very interesting and creating a very likeable ident will make you stay and watch the ident and may later watch the programs

3. Logo

3.1. BBC logo

3.2. BBC different logos

3.3. logos are a very important part of identity, shows the type of channel and type of shows

4. Change of ident

4.1. This is to keep up with technology, style and to have a fresh ident to keep viewers interested

4.2. This is also called re branding and they also do this to keep a consistent audience form other sources such as other channels and web in with teens are me addressed to look at

5. Informing the audience

5.1. Over the TV idents there are ether voice overs or a ident based on the next TV show on and the voice over can tell what is on for the next few hours

5.2. The voice overs are very relaxing and in a calm voice to keep people engaged in the channel