Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln by Mind Map: Abraham Lincoln

1. February12,1809

1.1. was born on a stormy morning in a log cabin on the Kentuky frontier he was named after his grandfather

2. 1806

2.1. Lincoln's parents, Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks marry in Kentucky.

3. 1807

3.1. Lincoln's sister Sarah is born in Elizabethtown, Kentucky

4. 1812

4.1. Lincoln's brother Thomas dies in infancy.

5. 1817

5.1. Settled in Perry County, Indiana; father, mother, sister, and self.

6. 1818

6.1. October 5, Mrs. Thomas Lincoln (Nancy Hanks) died; buried Spencer County, Indiana. In 1901, a monument erected to her memory, the base being the former Abraham Lincoln vault. Schooling, a few months, 1819, '20 and '28, about six months' school.

7. 1819

7.1. Thomas (father of A. L.) marries again: Mrs. Johnson (Sarah Bush Johnson) of Kentucky.

8. 1826

8.1. Lincoln's sister Sarah marries Aaron Grigsby in Indiana.

9. 1828

9.1. Lincoln's sister Sarah dies in childbirth at age 20.

10. 1830

10.1. March, Lincoln family move into Illinois, near Decatur.

11. 1831

11.1. Works for himself: boatbuilding and sailing, carpentering, hog-sticking, sawmilling, blacksmithing, river-pilot, logger, etc., in Menard County, Indiana.

12. 1831

12.1. Election clerk at New Salem. Captain and private (re-enlisted) in Black Hawk War. Store clerk and merchant, New Salem. Studies for the law.

13. 1832

13.1. First political speech. Henry Clay, Whig platform. Defeated through strong local vote. Deputy surveyor, at three dollars a day, Sangamon County.

14. 1834

14.1. Elected to State legislature as Whig. (Resides in Springfield till 1861. Law partner with John L. Stuart till 1840.)

15. 1835

15.1. Postmaster, New Salem; appointed by President Jackson.

16. 1838 to 1840

16.1. Reelected to State legislature.

17. 1840

17.1. Partner in law with S. T. Logan.

18. 1842

18.1. Married Miss Mary Todd, of Kentucky. Of the four sons, Edward died in infancy; William at twelve at Washington; Thomas at Springfield, aged twenty; Robert M. T., minister to Great Britain, presidential candidate, secretary of war to President Garfield. His only grandson, Abraham, died in London, March, 1890.

19. 1844

19.1. Proposed for Congress.

20. 1845

20.1. Law partner with W. H. Herndon, for life.

21. 1846

21.1. Elected to Congress, the single Whig Illinois member; voted antislavery; sought abolition in the D. C.; voted Wilmot Proviso. Declined reelection.

22. 1848

22.1. Electioneered for General Taylor.

23. 1849

23.1. Defeated by Shields for United States senator.

24. 1851

24.1. Lincoln's father Thomas dies in Illinois at age of 73.

25. 1852

25.1. Electioneered for General Scott.

26. 1854

26.1. Won the State over to the Republicans, but by arrangement transferred his claim to the senatorship to Trumbull. October, debated with Douglas. Declined the governorship in favor of Bissell.

27. 1856

27.1. Organized the Republican Party and became its chief; nominated vice-president, but was not chosen by its first convention; worked for the Fremont-Dayton presidential ticket.

28. 1858

28.1. Lost in the legislature the senatorship to Douglas.

29. 1859

29.1. Placed for the presidential candidacy. Made Eastern tour "to get acquainted."

30. 1860

30.1. May 9, nominated for President, "shutting out" Seward, Chase, Cameron, Dayton, Wade, Bates, and McLean.

31. 1861

31.1. March 4, inaugurated sixteenth President; succeeds Buchanan, and precedes his vice - Andrew Johnson, whom General Grant succeeded. Civil War began by firing on Fort Sumter, April 12.

32. 1862

32.1. September 22, emancipation announced.

33. 1863

33.1. January 1, emancipation proclaimed. November 19, Gettysburg Cemetery address. December 9, pardon to rebels proclaimed.

34. 1864

34.1. Unanimous nomination as Republican presidential candidate for re-election, June 7. Reelected November 8.

35. 1865

35.1. March 4, inaugurated for the second term. April 14, assassinated in Ford's Theater, Washington, by a mad actor, Wilkes Booth. April 19, body lay in state at Washington. April 26, Booth slain in resisting arrest, by Sergeant Boston Corbett, near Port Royal. April 21 to May 4, funeral-train through principal cities North, to Springfield, Illinois.