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1. Why will they choose to have alternative rather than the ordinary cigarettes?

1.1. To gain confidence for their family

1.2. To release boredom and stress

1.3. Act as self medication to cope with problems

1.4. Less harmful

1.5. Relaxes their body without any side effects

1.6. Increase a healthy living habitat

1.7. Role model for future generations

1.8. Help maintaining a eco friendly environment

1.9. Free from illness and live longer

2. Effects of smoking on non smokers

2.1. Secondhand smoker/Non smoker

2.1.1. Causes respiratory illness

2.1.2. Secondhand smoke which cause about 43000 deaths a year among non smokers

2.2. Children

2.2.1. Risk for sudden infant death syndrome, ear infections, asthma

2.3. Pregnant woman

2.3.1. Child is a at a higher risk for stillbirth, premature birth, infant mortality

3. Effects of Drugs

3.1. Damage immune system

3.2. Cardiovascular conditions, including heart attacks and collapsed veins

3.3. Cancer: mouth, lung, stomach, kidney, bladder

3.4. Liver failure

3.5. Strokes

3.6. Brain damage which can interfere with memory, attention and decision-making

3.7. Leukemia

4. Type of Drugs

4.1. Cigarettes

4.1.1. Tobacco is usually smoked in cigarettes

4.1.2. Main ingredient: Tobacco (green leafy plant that is grown in warm climates) , 4000 chemicals in cigarettes, 51 of them are known to be carcinogenic that cause cancer

4.1.3. Familiar chemicals in Cigarettes: Carbon monoxide, Nicotine, Tar, Ammonia, Butane etc

4.2. Heroin

4.2.1. Usually injected but can also be snorted, smoked or inhaled

4.2.2. Smack, Brown, Horse, Junk, Harry, White lady

4.3. Cannabis

4.3.1. Usually smoked however a Cannabis resin can be ingested orally or brewed in tea

4.3.2. Bongo, Ganja, Grass, Marijuana, Pot, Thai sticks

4.4. Cocaine

4.4.1. Usually sniffed/snorted or injected whereas crack is smoked

4.4.2. Crack, Bazooka, Cake, Cook, Lady, Star dust

4.5. Ecstasy

4.5.1. Usually taken orally

4.5.2. Snakes, New yorkers, Disco biscuits

5. Causes of drug addiction

5.1. Psychological

5.1.1. Mental illness such as depression

5.1.2. Inability to connect with others

5.1.3. Poor performance at work or school

5.1.4. Poor stress coping skills

5.2. Environmental

5.2.1. Participation in a sport where performance-enhancing drugs are encourages

5.2.2. A peer group that uses or promotes drug use

5.3. Genetic

5.3.1. Genetics may have a role in causing drug addiction