Roman-Mibs Sociogram

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Roman-Mibs Sociogram by Mind Map: Roman-Mibs Sociogram

1. Samson

1.1. He is Mibs' brother

1.2. He is seven years old

2. Gypsy

2.1. She is Mibs' sister

2.2. she was three years old

2.3. She is the youngest in the family

3. Poppa

3.1. He is Mibs' dad

3.2. Doesn't have a savvy

3.3. got in an accident

4. Momma

4.1. She is perfect at everything she does and that is her savvy

4.2. She goes out to watch and help Mibs' dad

5. Grandpa

5.1. His savvy was to be able to make new places

5.2. He stays at Mibs' house while her mom is gone

6. Lill

6.1. Traveled with Mibs' and everyone else on the bus

6.2. Doesn't have a savvy

6.3. When they dropped her off at her job she got fired because she was late and because they made her manager mad

7. Lester

7.1. Drives the bus that Mb's and the others are on

7.2. Doesn't have a savvy

7.3. He delivered pink bibles to the pastor who didn't want them

8. Rocket

8.1. He is Mibs' brother

8.2. His savvy is conducting electricity

8.3. He is the oldest kid in the family

9. Fish

9.1. His savvy is creating storms

9.2. He is Mibs' brother

9.3. He is a little older than Mib

10. Bobbi Meeks

10.1. She was 16 years old

10.2. Miss Rosemary's daughter

11. Will junior

11.1. Miss Rosemary's son

11.2. He is 14 years old

11.3. He is the youngest out of his sibilings

12. Miss Rosemary

12.1. She is taking care of the kids while Mibs' mom is away

12.2. She has three kids

12.3. the preachers wife