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Chemistry by Mind Map: Chemistry
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Chapter 19

Atomic Structure, Nutrons, Neutral Particles, Protons, Positve particles, Electrons, Negative Particles

Bonding, Chemical, Ionic

Chapter 20

Formulas, Na+Cl=NaCl

Balencing Chemical Equations, H + O --> H²O

Chapter 21

Chemical Changes, ex. Burning Paper

Chemical Equations, NaCl, OH-, H²0

Classyfying Reactions, Displacment, Double Displacment, Synthesis, Decompsition

Chapter 22



Concentration, Orange Juice

Chapter 23

Acids, Sulfuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid

Bases, Soap, Bleach

Properties, Acidic Things: Sour, Basic Things: Bitter

Strength, pH scale

Salt, Iodine, NaCl