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Math Grade 9 by Mind Map: Math Grade 9

1. Math

1.1. Projects

1.1.1. Statistics Hockey player

1.2. themes

1.2.1. Exponents Exponents laws Negative and Zero exponents Scientifc notation Exponential Functions

1.2.2. Polynomials and Factoring Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Modeling Polynomial Multiplication Multiplying binomials Polynomial Functions Common Factors Factoring Special and Quadratic Trinomials Solving Equations by Factoring

1.2.3. Inverse variation Inverse Variation Rational Expressions and Funtions

1.2.4. Statistics Measures of Central Tendecy Graphing Data Bar Graph Line Graph Circle Graph Other Data Displays Stem and Leaf plot Histograms Box and Whisker Plot

1.2.5. Probability

1.3. Important tests:

1.3.1. Exponents and Factorizing Test

1.3.2. Statistics Test

1.3.3. Probability Test