What is technology?

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What is technology? by Mind Map: What is technology?

1. As of now?

1.1. Doesn't have to be a form of electronical advancement

1.1.1. History of technology Technology revolving around learning and teaching has rewarded itself in advancement. Going from drawings to advanced mathematics and programming styles we have now. As we further expand our knowledge and learn new things, we share our teachings with younger generations and return the opportunity we received back into the cycle of education.

1.1.2. "It's difficult to think of technology in historical terms because what we now see as technology, was not defined as such before the 1930's." (Kumar, Kumar, & Persuad, 1999)

1.2. "Issues that historians now discuss in terms of technology were framed in such terms as useful arts, manufacturing, industry, invention, applied science, and the machine" (Schatzberg, 2006)

1.3. "Technology is anything that wasn't around when you were born" (Kay)

1.3.1. Kevin Kelly's TED talk Technology is a touchy subject and reflects everything we work around with. Our life without the technology we worked so hard to acquire would most likely send us back to a primitive state. Limiting our mindset on the modernization of technology can be as simple as forgetting anything before the industrial era.

1.4. Also references to...

2. Inspiration

2.1. Inspiration can be a major lead to inventing new types of technology

2.1.1. 2014 Microsoft Super Bowl Commerical Technology has expanded how we think, how we interpret things, and how we communicate. The reason why we've made it this far is because we've thought of new solutions to solve the problem. Inspiration is a powerful force that causes a surge within us to accomplish things, not just for ourselves but with everyone in mind. Hence advancement in technology occurs.

2.2. The intention of thinking of something that will make our lives easier and help us evolve

3. Tied together with one another

4. The darker side of the 21st Century

4.1. Dependencies?

4.1.1. South Park - Over Logging As technology seems to be more associated with electronics, could our dependencies to such things, like the internet or our phones cause our society to fall apart so easily/fast? Doesn't just associate with electronics, can also play in terms of infrastructure, economies, and governing bodies.

4.1.2. We're always going to be dependent

4.1.3. The Division Story Trailer

5. Creativity?

5.1. Mindmap?

5.1.1. Technology within technology

5.1.2. Internet Used a type of technology I mentioned to discuss another form of technology expanded from basic brainstorming

5.1.3. Brainstorming layout

5.2. Imagination

5.2.1. Originality

6. References

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7. Before the course...

7.1. Advancements in our daily lives. Allows us to live better without having to do everything ourselves.

7.1.1. The telephone was created to allow us to communicate.

7.1.2. The internet, which is military technology, was invented to connect several computers together on a LAN network. (Wikipedia, 1986)

7.1.3. The internal combustion engine replaced most steam powered and coal powered engines of the time and is still used to this date in modern vehicles.

8. Resolution

8.1. The word "technology" can be referenced to many different things but isn't necessarily allocated with one simple definition. The confusion behind technology now is that people associate it with anything computerized, invented, electronic or even mechanical. Saying it isn't any of those is wrong but the point is, is that technology is everything all together. Technology is a collective of our existence, and accomplishments as a species, that has allowed us to surpass obstacles, co-exist, and continue to evolve.