THEODICIES : Do they best solve natural or moral evil ?

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THEODICIES : Do they best solve natural or moral evil ? by Mind Map: THEODICIES : Do they best solve natural or moral evil ?

1. Augustines

1.1. Natural Evil

1.1.1. Consequence of upsetting God's balance of creation. Also a punishment for moral evil, we are being punished as seminally present

1.2. Moral Evil

1.2.1. God gave us free will, so the archangels truing away from God created moral evil. Unbalance in the hierarchy and other followed, behaving out of character.

1.3. Evaluation

1.3.1. Very literally based. Science argues against this. i.e. Big Bang, world is older than the Bible says.

2. Hick

2.1. Natural Evil

2.1.1. Necessary of humanitarians to act and reach out

2.2. Moral Evil

2.2.1. Opportunities for people to choice good or actively fight against the bad.

2.3. Evaluation

2.3.1. Experiential Problem: Suffering is too great to justify it through soul making.

3. Free Will Defence

3.1. Natural Evil

3.1.1. Swinburne "God has put limits on our suffering". Death is God not allowing human suffering to be too great.

3.2. Moral Evil

3.2.1. More loving not to intervene and give us free will

3.3. Evaluation

3.3.1. We are not truly free, we are conditioned.

3.3.2. PROTEST ATHEISM: Evil is not worth the price of freedom

4. Process Thought

4.1. Natural Evil

4.1.1. God didn't make the world "ex nihlo", therefore natural laws were already in place.

4.2. Moral Evil

4.2.1. Consequence of the world being created, the risk that God took.

4.3. Evaluation

4.3.1. If God is not all powerful then there is no certainty; of an afterlife, that things will be better. So you are left with a pointless God.

4.3.2. This doesn't define "God' as we know him