G.U.T.S. Sales Mastery: The Agenda Workshop

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G.U.T.S. Sales Mastery: The Agenda Workshop by Mind Map: G.U.T.S. Sales Mastery: The Agenda Workshop

1. What you're going to learn today (2)

1.1. Discover the word-for-word "conversation openers" to put the seller off balance and control the conversation from the get go

1.2. Learn how to get the seller to trust you and answer your questions honestly

1.3. Find out how to "Draw a map" so you can relief the seller's anxiety and eliminate all possibilities of rejections

1.4. Discover how to use the different psychological deal triggers to take control at "hello"

1.5. This workshop is all about PRACTICE. We're going to role play, practice and master the "Agenda" step together.

2. Intro (5)

2.1. Here's where we are and what we have coming up

2.1.1. The G.U.T.S. Method Masterclass

2.1.2. The "Agenda" Workshop

2.1.3. The "Qualification" Workshop

2.1.4. The "Close" Workshop

2.1.5. Bonus Workshop #1: The 4 Types of Strategies That Guarantees Your Profitability

2.1.6. Bonus Workshop #2: Text Your Way To Deals (with Yassin Shaar)

2.2. Catch up on homework

2.2.1. Shoutout to some members who have been taking MASSIVE action and reporting this progress in the group on the Daily Accountability Post Luke Ryan Nickel Audrey Peter Alvaro Ricky Rodney

2.2.2. how many have already connected with an accountability partner & started roleplaying? Let me know if you haven't found an accountability partner yet Connect with GUTS Advocates Audrey Marischka & Larry Ryan Nickel Rob Reutzel

2.2.3. Have you started doing 1 call per day?

2.2.4. Are you engaging on the "Daily Accountability Posts"? PRACTICE.PRACTICE.PRACTICE. Rule of 5 Next Week 3 Calls/Day (baby steps)

2.3. What was your biggest takeaway from the last call?

3. Ground Rules (5)

3.1. Engage in the Facebook Group

3.1.1. Record your conversations with sellers & post it in the FB. Give feedback to each other. Check the laws in your state

3.1.2. Ask questions and share your experience with other members

3.1.3. Share your biggest takeaways right after each training session

3.1.4. Make sure to check out the G.U.T.S. Quick-Start Video Series

3.2. Practice. Practice. Practice.

3.3. Recording will be available after the call (we'll email it to you)

3.4. We'll be mostly role playing, so make sure you're in a quiet place

3.5. Any questions before we move on?

4. The Agenda Step (40)

4.1. Quick recap of the 3 Steps "Success Staircase"

4.1.1. Agenda

4.1.2. Qualification

4.1.3. Close

4.2. Why

4.2.1. Biggest mistake amateur investors & wholesalers make they jump right into presentation/pitch/barrage of question

4.2.2. Prospect has heard it all before. They're ready to disarm, disable & reject you.

4.2.3. Get free information without any commitment

4.2.4. We want to be different. Stand out. GAIN TRUST & CONTROL CONVERSATION at "HELLO"

4.2.5. Keep the prospect OFF BALANCE

4.2.6. Gain authority by setting the frame & taking control from the start of the call (Be the DOCTOR) Expand on the doctor analogy The prospect says "I surrender doc, do what you see best, you're the professional" No walls or resistance

4.3. What & How

4.3.1. Draw roadmap

4.3.2. Permission to ask questions When was the last time you heard a salesman ask for permission?

4.3.3. OK to fire me

4.3.4. Psychological Deal Triggers (A.K.A GUTS Moves) (10) Psychological Deal Trigger #1: Micro-Commitment Commitment upfront The "Yes" Ladder Small decisions lead to big commitments Psychological Deal Trigger #2: Struggling-Child I got your number here, can you help me? People love to rescue / help Convert prospect into Nurturing Parent Psychological Deal Trigger #3: Pattern Interrupt Get the seller off balance "You got a problem/solution Mr. Seller!" openers Psychological Deal Trigger #4: Likeability & Trust Happens in the Agenda step Mr. Seller please fire me! Psychological Deal Trigger #5: Re-direction If they interrupt you during the agenda Opposite redirection Psychological Deal Trigger #6: Storytelling Psychological Deal Trigger #7: "I don't know" If a question comes up too early in the process Great questions, I don't know yet. Let's talk about it. Psychological Deal Trigger #8: Authority Setting the Agenda gives you authority (Adult role) You're setting the rules Psychological Deal Trigger #9: Stroking & Nurturing Empathy When you stroke, you're complimenting them Nurture by relating to them on an emotional level (become the nurturing parent)

4.4. Let's now have some fun and spend the rest of the time roleplaying

4.4.1. Roleplay #1: Practice Straightforward Agenda (3x)

4.4.2. Roleplay #2: Prospect received 5 phone calls from other investors and is agitated

4.4.3. Roleplay #3: I don't have time

4.4.4. Roleplay #4: Struggling-child (I have your number)

4.4.5. Roleplay #5: Pattern-interrupt: You have a problem

4.4.6. Roleplay #6: Pattern-interrupt: I have a check for you

4.4.7. Roleplay #7: Positive re-direction

4.4.8. Roleplay #8: Negative re-direction

4.4.9. Roleplay #9: Storytelling Prospect says "I don't have the time, call later!" I just got off the phone with another seller and wasted 45 minutes and didn't accomplish a thing

4.4.10. Roleplay #10: I don't know

4.4.11. Roleplay #11: Stroking & nurturing

5. Recap (5)

5.1. Recap of what we learned today

5.2. What's coming next

5.2.1. Week 2: The "Qualification" Workshop Learn the ONLY 5 things you need to know about the seller to either go for close or FIRE them Discover how to use Psychological Deal Trigger #5 to ask questions with finesse and extract all the information you need Find out how to use the "G.U.T.S. Barometer" to quickly score the seller Learn how to deploy Psychological Deal Trigger #1 to get a commitment from the seller BEFORE you even give them your offer Just like the Agenda Workshop, this is all going to be about PRACTICE. We're going to role play, practice and master the "Qualification" step together.

5.3. Next Steps

5.3.1. Homework Watch the webinar again Share your #1 biggest takeaway or aha moment in the Facebook group Make at least 3 phone calls every day (practicing agenda step) Roleplay with a GUTS Accountability Partner

5.3.2. Daily Accountability Make sure you participate everyday

5.4. Let's wrap up: What was your biggest takeaway today?