Drafting Your Essay!

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Drafting Your Essay! by Mind Map: Drafting Your Essay!

1. Body Paragraph #3

1.1. topic sentence

1.1.1. what will be the main idea of this paragraph? this is your last paragraph so, your argument has to be tougher and stronger. End with the most important point! make it count!

1.2. evidence #3

1.2.1. include your last piece of evidence

1.2.2. how did this evidence add to your entire argument?

1.3. details

1.3.1. don't forget to explain the piece of evidence by summarizing it, putting it in your own words or your perspective

1.3.2. why is this evidence or argument relevant?

1.4. quote

1.4.1. add your final quote or statement to your essay

1.5. conclusion/transition sentence

1.5.1. conclude your main idea and write your final transition sentence.

1.5.2. The transition sentence in this paragraph should bridge the conclusion, meaning; the conclusion will be your restatement of the thesis, so your transition sentence should almost introduce it.

2. Conclusion

2.1. restate thesis

2.1.1. restate the main idea of your essay again...think to your introduction. This time you need to reword your thesis. using different words.

2.1.2. when you restate your thesis it should be written as if you solved it. You've already included evidence, now you have to round it out and conclude your thoughts.

3. topic sentence

3.1. the main idea of the body paragraph-placed at the beginning of the body paragraph. This follows the transition sentence from the previous paragraph

4. topic sentence

4.1. new topic from the previous, smoothly transition to your next point

5. Introduction

5.1. HOOK

5.1.1. Hook is an opening statement used to grab the reader's attention


5.2.1. Give your reader some background information about both the topic of the essay and any texts the essay may discuss


5.3.1. A thesis is the main idea of your essay. Place the thesis at the end of your introduction paragraph. Your thesis should be followed by 3 supporting evidence statements.

5.3.2. Your thesis should be written in a way that states it and introduces your argument

5.4. 3 pieces of supporting evidence

5.4.1. You will need at least 3 quotes, statements, claims, stats, etc. that will help support your thesis statement

5.4.2. explain how the supporting evidence (3 quotes...) helps back up your essay's thesis

5.4.3. close your introduction paragraph with a transition sentence Transition sentence: this sentence helps bridge between your introduction and your first paragraph.

6. Body Paragraph #1

6.1. evidence #1

6.1.1. introduce your first piece of evidence

6.1.2. include an argument why this piece of evidence was relevant to your argument

6.2. Details

6.2.1. summarize the evidence

6.2.2. why is it significant or relevant?

6.3. quote

6.3.1. could you add another quote to support your evidence #1?

6.4. conclusion/transition sentence

6.4.1. include your transition sentence to bridge between the idea behind this paragraph and the next

7. Body Paragraph #2

7.1. evidence #2

7.1.1. introduce your second piece of evidence

7.1.2. how does this evidence add to your argument or previous piece of evidence

7.2. details

7.2.1. continue to summarize

7.2.2. add the relevance or importance to this piece of evidence and how it relates to the previous mentioned

7.3. quote

7.3.1. would this paragraph benefit from an additional quote?

7.4. conclusion/transition sentence

7.4.1. don't forget to bridge this paragraph and the next