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1. Positive effects:

1.1. country business.

1.1.1. To improve the business economy in a certain country.

1.2. employment

1.2.1. More opportunities for employees to work in other countries to gain more salary

1.3. Foreign trade

1.3.1. To trade goods and products from country to country

2. Negative effects:

2.1. Threat of terrorism

2.1.1. The country more likely to be prone in terrorism because the terrorist can easily access and enter other countries

2.2. The growth of international trade

2.2.1. The growth of the international trade might be good, but it can affect the products and also the country itself.

3. When people trade, how do both side benefit

3.1. New products

3.1.1. The variables involve in the trading system will have a beneficial finances because of their new products

3.2. trend toward protectionism and opening trade opportunities not only in goods but also in services and intellectual property.

4. What is Globalization?

4.1. international trade

4.1.1. is the exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders or territories

4.2. international integration.

4.2.1. refers to that process among two or more states on a geographically confined scale, at a level below that of global integration

4.3. networking

4.3.1. Networking is a socioeconomic business activity by which business people and entrepreneurs meet to form business relationships and to recognize.

5. How new is globalization?

5.1. Globalization begins in around 1492-1498 with the discovery of America (1492) and voyage to Africa (1498).

5.2. Globalization became more well-organized in year 1940

6. What is the future of globalization

6.1. Economic progress

6.1.1. the economy of a particular country will grow and improve and a possibility that new opportunities of globalization can be beneficial to a country

6.2. economic growth rates

6.2.1. the growth rates of the economy of a country will increase

6.3. more international products

6.3.1. more products will be sale on a certain country and a possibility that people will be in to it.

6.4. entrepreneurial benefits

6.4.1. company owners will have the chance to improve and widen their companies and have a improvement

7. What has led to an increased globalization?

7.1. Improved transport, making global travel easier. For example, there has been a rapid growth in air-travel, enabling greater movement of people and goods across the globe.

7.2. Innovative transportation technologies of the 21st century facilitate the migration of people across the world for trade and the search of new opportunities. In addition, international organizations such as the World Trade Organization remove barriers from trade, leading to integration of world economies.

7.3. Popular culture promotes globalization through television programs, movies, musicians and actors that are admired by societies across the world.