Target Audience

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Target Audience by Mind Map: Target Audience

1. Target audience

1.1. 15+, the film contains issues of psychological issues and death which viewers under the age of 15 may find upsetting or disturbing.

1.2. The age range broadens the different types of people who are able to watch the film.

2. Interests

2.1. People of this age are interested in horror films causing a growth in the horror genre industry as young people have easier access to horror games and films.

2.2. YouTube also provides young people with access to watch people play and react to both horror and psychological games/films. This means that more people want to play these popular games and watch these well known films.

3. Audience theories

3.1. If we apply the LifeMatrix to our audience they would be 'Fun/Antics', these are aspirational, fun-seeking, active young people.

3.2. There is a theory that people are influenced by what they see on TV or film, this is called the hypodermic model.

4. Our ideal viewer

4.1. Someone who is a teenager who has an interest in horror conspiracy.

4.2. Someone who understands mental illness.

4.3. An adventurous person with lots of curiosity and is willing to delve into the unknown.

5. Our film

5.1. Our film is about a legend, a well known story about a ghost girl. A journalist wants to investigate the story behind the legend to find the truth, she is terrified of what she discovers. This links with the horror and psychological genre.