Phonology and Phonetics

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Phonology and Phonetics by Mind Map: Phonology and Phonetics

1. how sounds are received

2. Phonology

2.1. definition

2.1.1. Study of major speech sounds and their organization in particular language also the branch linguistic

2.2. Supra segmental

2.2.1. Entonation

2.2.2. Accent

2.2.3. Syllable

2.3. Segmental

2.3.1. Vowels speech sound made by vocal Long vowels short vowels

2.3.2. Consonants speech sound that is not a vowel

2.4. Phoneme

2.4.1. is the smallest distinct sound unit of a particular language example ¨pat¨ and ¨rat¨

3. Phonetics

3.1. Articulation Points

3.1.1. Bilabial

3.1.2. Dental floss

3.1.3. interdental

3.1.4. Dental

3.1.5. Alveolar

3.1.6. Palatal

3.1.7. Velar

3.2. Definition

3.2.1. Is the study of human speech sounds also studies which sounds are present in a language

3.3. Types of phonetics

3.4. Articulatory phonetics

3.4.1. how sounds are produced

3.5. Acoustic Phonetics

3.6. how sounds are transmitted

3.7. Applications

3.7.1. Auditory phonetics

3.7.2. Forensic phonetics the science of speech

3.7.3. Speech Recognition analisys and transcription of recorder by computer system

3.7.4. Speech Synthesis The production of human speech

3.7.5. Pronunciation To learn actual

4. Mode articulations

4.1. Place of Articulation

4.2. Nasal Cavity

4.3. Oral Cavity

4.4. Vocal chords