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Cotton by Mind Map: Cotton

1. Main producers

1.1. United States

1.2. Russia

1.3. China

1.4. India

2. Care

2.1. washing machine on the low settings

2.2. Wash cloth in cold water

2.3. Iron on medium temperature

2.4. Do not bleach the cloth

2.5. Hung to dry, but do not trumble dry

3. Uses

3.1. Blouses

3.2. Shirts

3.3. Singlets

3.4. Shorts

3.5. Bermudas

3.6. Jackets

3.7. Pants

3.8. Accessories

3.9. Bed clothinds:

3.9.1. bed spreads

3.9.2. pillowcases

4. Properties

4.1. Soft

4.2. Comfortable

4.2.1. Friendly to the body

4.3. Wrinkles easily

4.4. absorbs perspiration quickly

4.5. It is good to print on

4.6. has good colour retention

4.7. Strong fibre

4.8. Durable fibre

5. History

5.1. First grew wild in East Africa

5.2. 5000 years ago the people in what is now Pakistan cultivated cotton.

5.3. The first cotton goods were brought to the Europe by the army of Alexander the Great.

5.4. In 1600s England starts to weave the cotton

5.5. In 1700s England developed machines that made it possible to spin thread and weave cloth into large quantities.