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Creative Perspectives by Mind Map: Creative  Perspectives
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Creative Perspectives

Future you

- Knows you incredibly well- Understands your past

Steve Jobs

- Is all about creating an "insanely great" customer experience- Isn't afraid to take big risks- Good at connecting the dots- Incredibly innovative

Albert Einstein

- Unparalleled ability to create "thought experiments"- Heavily focused on accurate problem definition- Brilliant thinker!

Leonardo da Vinci

- One of history's most amazing visual thinkers- Prolific note taker- Could see the future

Parent/respected elder

- A wealth of past experience you may be able to leverage in your current situation- He or she has your best interests in mind

Subject matter expert

- Deep knowledge and practical experience in the field where you need help- Help you avoid obvious mistakes

Close friend

- Is unfailingly honest- Willing to support you - no matter what!

Spouse/significant other

- He or she has got your back - no matter what!- Wants what's best for you- Loves you


- Is willing to listen to your challenge and provide unbiased advice- A great person from whom you can learn