Language and Literacy

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Language and Literacy by Mind Map: Language and Literacy

1. Oral language is the foundation for literacy devlopment

1.1. Language gives children a foundation with a sense of words, builds phonological awareness

1.2. Young children have an easy time learning more than one language.

1.3. Learning to read and write is a process that begins in infancy

2. In order to learn, children's basic needs must be met

2.1. Children must feel that their classroom is a safe environment that supports their emotional well-being

3. Academic standards give expectations on what children are supposed to know

3.1. Language and literacy skills are highly integrated into lessons in kindergarten

3.1.1. Activities can be designed to address and meet standards

3.1.2. Teachers need to be knowledgeable of the standards within their district

4. Organizing and managing language and literacy curriculum

4.1. Teachers need to give multiple opportunities throughout the day to learn literacy and language

4.2. Centers which are appropriate for kindergarten: Reading, publishing, listening, theme-based, computer

4.3. Know the check list of Children's Knowledge of Print and assess to fill in where students need instruction

5. Assessing language learning

5.1. Teachers need to observe and take note of progress

5.2. Effective teachers need to move from easy to difficult and adjust lessons based on student levels