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child labour by Mind Map: child labour

1. how will people stop child labour

1.1. by doing GC's

1.2. like CWIN.

2. why don't people stop child labour

2.1. governments are trying to stop child labour by imposing strict penalties.

3. what country is child labour in?

3.1. India is the worst country in the world for this

3.2. sub-Saharan Africa

3.3. Latin America

3.4. pakistan

4. Questions

4.1. when was child labour started?

4.2. who started child labour

4.3. when was child labour started in ?

5. what causes child labour?

5.1. money

5.1.1. Due to there being demand for certain products, they need to be made by someone. So adults don't have to be paid for the work, children are made to do it

5.2. a lack of laws

5.2.1. the laws don't protect children and are very relaxed although things are getting better "Organizations have set up laws and acts to prohibit child labour and involvement of children in harmful activities against their will."

5.3. culture

5.3.1. In some places, children are not respected and not seen as being important and so they don't have an issue with children being made to work.

6. What is Child Labour?

6.1. where the kids work get ill very easy

6.2. It cause a hindrance in their ability to attend school.

6.3. no education means that they are permanently poor

6.4. children go to work instead of school

6.5. Kids under 14 do lots of jobs like carpet making,making fireworks and as servants

6.6. they work 8 hours a day

6.7. little rest or food

6.8. there is a job where they make dye

7. What are the effects?

7.1. it harms them physically, mentally and morally

7.2. They often sleep where they work and they don't get fed properly witch they don't grow and develop properly



10. what types of GC's trying to stop child labour?

10.1. the CWIN GC has been going on since 1993. campaigns against this mistreatment by providing temporary shelters and rehabilitation for children who have been rescued off the streets.