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Lars Henrik Dahl by Mind Map: Lars Henrik Dahl
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Lars Henrik Dahl

About me

Lives in Fetsund, Near Oslo, Norway

Born Jan 3, 1967




My resume in Norwegian

Work Experience

Kredinor: 2001-present

Project-/programme manager: 2008-present, Responsibilities, Contract management, Sourcing, Project QA, methodology, Business case, Cost control, Resource allocation, Business development, Portfolio management, Benefit/profit realization, Business process optimization, Project portfolio, Data Warehouse, Master Data management, Benefit/profit realization, Web portals, Intranet, Customer, End user, Call center application, Electronic document flow system, Business/New product development, Results achieved, On time delivery, On budget, Within original scope, Objectives accomplished

Department Manager: 2001-2008, Results, Revenues increased from 4,5 to 16 million NOK, 30 new accounts, lost only 5 in 8 years, Transaction volume increased from 450 000 to 2 500 000, Despite huge volume increase, labour costs only increased 80%, Responsibilities, Day to day operations, 16 Employees, 2 Key account managers, 3 (4) Teams of accountants/clerks, Recruiting, Sales, Service level management, Product management, Product development, Systems development, Service development, Product launching, Customer customization, Process optimization, Profit center

Company website,

Oslo Kommune: 1997-2001

Manager, social welfare office, Results, Reduced costs from 22 to 16 million NOK, Responsibilities, Day to day operations, 22 Employees, Team leaders, Case workers, Reception, Accounting, Financial advisor, Service level management, Recruiting, Cost center

Enebakk Kommune: 1994-1997

Assistant manager, social welfare office: 1997, Day to day operations, 5 Employees, Recption, Case workers

Manager, Mayors office: 1996-1997, Day to day operations, 2 Employees

Financial advisor: 1994-1996

Perrys Corner:

General manager, Day to day operations, Purchase, Marketing, 3 Employees

Linjegods as: 1985-1986

Office clerk, Customer service, Freight statistics

core competencies and skills


Broad expertise in Credit and Financing, sales and systems development

Experienced product manager, responsible for sales support, product development and launch, business process development and product customization

Two master degrees from BI Norwegian school of management, Master of Business Administration (1993) and Master of Management (2009)


Fifteen years of personel management. Managing up to twentytwo employees, Project managers, Software developers, Case workers

Experience with value based leadership, Balanced scorecard, MBO, Key Performance Indices and Employee performance review

Eight years as a department manager with excellent results in sales and product development

Held several managerial positions in local government


Self motivated

Action oriented

Solution focused

A facilitator of communication across different fields of expertise


Norwegian, Native language

English, Fluent

German, Basic

French, Some


BI Norwegian School of Management: Master of Management: 2006-2009

Innovation process management 2006 - 2007, Part of programme at University of California, Berkeley, Master Thesis: The innovation Process

Project management 2007 - 2008, Master Thesis: In search of a Project Culture

Value creating boards 2008 -2009, Master Thesis: The board of directors - Service or Control?

BI Norwegian School of Management/ University of Florida, Gainesville, USA: Master of Business Administration: 1992-1993

Semester 1, Managerial finance, Industrial marketing, Creativity, Leadership and business strategy, Quantitative business analysis

Semester 2, University of Florida, Gainesville, New product development, International finance, Advanced account analysis, Futures and options

Semester 3, Master Thesis: Change Management, Legal, political and ethical issues, Strategic management

Oslo Handelshøyskole/ Handelsakademiet: Handelsøkonom/bachelor of business administration: 1987-1991

Thesis: Market planning

Specialization, International negotiations, Consumer behaviour, Tax law

Norwegian Army: 1986-1987


Hobbies and interests

Soccer referee, 20 years experience, top level: Div. 1


My dog, Toffi

New node

Projects (Under Construction)


Product development, Customer insight: 2011, Financial factoring: 2009, Administrative tasks, Financial Sourcing, Sales/Negotiations, Project management, User training, Product development, Product requirement spesification, Customer requirement specification, Pricing, System development, User requirement specification, Technical specification, Scrum master, Test management, Implementation, Billing: 2007



Communication/collaboration maps (Under Construction)

Professional interests

Product management

Business development

Business processes

Applied technology development

Change management