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Social Software v2 by Mind Map: Social Software v2
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Social Software v2

Messaging Services


Google Mail Zoho Mail GMX



Blog Blogspot Slashdot


Twitter Tumblr


phpBB (self) Usenet Zoho Discussions

Group Blog Corante Weblogs Inc. Lockergnome Worldchanging Blogcritics The Command Post The Volokh Conspiracy BoingBoing

Audio- / Video Messaging

Social Publishing Services

File Sharing

File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digitally stored information, such as computer programs, multi-media (audio, video), documents, or electronic books. It may be...

Social Storage, WiredReach (P2P) FreeDrive

Media Sharing, PhotoBucket YouTube Flickr Revver Zoomr

File- /Imagehoster, MyVideo YouTube

Document Sharing

Social (Document) Publishing,

Note Taking / Sharing, NotePub Evernote Zoho Share memonic

Collaborative Document Management, Google Docs Buzzword Zoho Docs

Media Presentation

Live Streaming,

Web Presentation, Slideshare Screenr Zoho Show DimDim Vyew WebEx

Online Presence More! Gravatar

Automation & Notification Services


Document/Data Analysis, > > Google Public Data Explorer Zoho Reports Wordle Dopplr

Social Network Analysis, Microsoft Academic Search (Scholars)

Activity Streams

E-Mail Notification

RSS Feeds, Technorati Google News

Aggregation, Google Reader

Social Media Aggregation, Tweetdeck Hootsuite Netvibes

Social Syndication, FriendFeed Google Buzz


People Search (searching for people),

Social Search (socially enhanced search), Google Social Search (Aardvark) Jumper 2.0

Shared Information Spaces

Social Tagging


Social Guides, Dopplr

Social Shopping, Amazon (some features)

Social Libraries, LibraryThing

Bookmark Sharing

Social Citation,

Social Catalogue, (Connexions)

Social Bookmarking, Diigo Delicious

Social Discovery, Digg reddit StumbleUpon

Live Conferencing Services


Audio Chat, Skype

Audio Conference, Skype

Desktop Sharing

Remote Control, TeamViewer


Co-Browsing, Elluminate vRoom Zoho Meeting Clavardon LiveLOOK

(Large Audience) Webinars, Zoho Meeting LiveLOOK Vyew

Document Conferencing Zoho Dokument ShowDocument

Instant Messaging/ Chat

Skype Jabber ICQ Google Talk Zoho Chat


Video Chat, Skype

Video Conference, FlashMeeting Zoho Meeting

Virtual 3D Worlds

Virtual Economies, Second Life Eve Online Croquet – Open Cobalt

Immersive Coolaboration, The Sims Online There

Web Conferencing / Web Meeting

DimDim Adobe Connect Vyew WebEx FlashMeeting

Network Management Services

Social Networking

Peer-to-Peer, Diaspora SpinXpress Soulseek

Hosted, Public Social Networking, BeBo Friendster ResearchGate LinkedIn Tribe Hi5 MySpace Orkut Xing Ryze, Private Social Networking,

Group Calendar / Event Scheduling

Doodle Google Calendar

Poll / Survey

Doodle TwtPoll Polldaddy

Collaborative Editors

Collaborative Reviewing

Vyew Mendeley

Collaborative Editing

Collaborative editing is the practice of groups producing works together through individual contributions. Effective choices in group awareness, participation, and coordination are critical to...

Collaborative Coding, – Social Coding

Collaborative Writing, (and other EtherPad clones) Zoho Sheet/Writer Google Docs EditGrid BeWeeVee ShowDocument

MindMapping & Diagramming MindMeister ManyEyes Wordle


Whiteboarding is a term used to describe the placement of shared files on an on-screen "shared notebook" or "whiteboard". Videoconferencing and data conferencing software often includes tools that...

Idroo ShowDocument Vyew


DokuWiki MediaWiki (e.g. Wikipedia) UseMod PmWiki Twiki TikiWiki Wikispaces Wikiversity Zoho Wiki

Shared Workspaces

Collaborative Development Environment

Trac codeBeamer Codesion BugZilla

Cooperative Learning


Project Management (Collabtive) Zoho Projects

Source/Revision Control

Subversion Git

Web-based CRM

Salesforce Highrise Zoho CRM


Wiggio eGroupWare BSCW