How factors can affect travel to long-haul destinations

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How factors can affect travel to long-haul destinations by Mind Map: How factors can affect travel to long-haul destinations

1. Seasonality

1.1. Countries which are below the equator have the opposite weather to the UK but those on the equator don't really have seasons . seasonality is very important when people book holidays. For example if you visit a a holiday destiunation like Flroida in the setmeter area it is hurricane season and this well affect people visting this destination duringthis time. This will affect people decisions on going to holiday in destination like this as hurricanes are dangerous and can kill and destroy buildings.

1.2. In 2005 hurricane Katrina was a category 5 monster storm. it did more damage than any other natural disaster in US history it cost more than $108 billion and the insurance covered $80 billion of the losses. it destroyed 300,00 homes and left 118 million debris. during the aftermath of Katarina many tourists didn't want to visit the area and this affecting the tourism industry for a few years.

2. Climate and Seasons

2.1. Tourists need to be aware of climate zones and seasons as tourists heading to America would want sunshine but they might end up going during hurricane season

2.2. Many tourists like going abroad for hot weather. For example famous holiday destination is Los Angeles where the weather is beautiful. This will affect people going on holiday as many tourist destination rely on the weather to make income. Another destination is Florida and places like Disneyland is the best when it is sunny otherwise some rides and shut down for the whole day.

3. Entry Requirements

3.1. Depending on the selected destinations tourists may require various documents, including visas and vaccination certification.

3.2. Different countries have different entry requirements for example Hong Kong is expensive to receive a travel visa it costs about £150pp. This can affect peoples decisions as the price of visas are going up and some people will not be able to afford it.

3.3. Many different countries have vaccination requirements for example if you travel to Bangladesh you have to have you have certain types of vaccines like Tetinus as ypu can see I have provided a link which tells you what vaccinations you need. This will affect tourists visiting Bangladesh as there is a lot of diseases and if you don't get the right vaccines you might not be able to be allowed in the country.

4. Travel Restrictions

4.1. A British born Muslim teacher was kicked off a flight. Juhel Miah, 25, was travelling from Iceland to US with Llangatwg Comp School when officials sent him off the flight despite having a visa. He was escorted to a hotel which he stayed until he few home. Neath Port Talbot council said it was unjustified act of discrimination.

5. Social Situations

5.1. In certain countries you will see beggars on the street even children. This will make visitors very uncomfortable because know wants to see children begging in the street as we are so privileged in this country.

5.2. For example I have a personal experience in Bangladesh when I visited there back in 2014. when I visited Dhaka there were a lot of beggars on the street asking for money. when I first arrived and got out of the airport there were a lot of children round asking for money. this made me feel very sad and uncomfortable and I wanted to leave the area immediately.

6. Different Factors

6.1. Deep Vein Thrombosis

6.2. Seasonailty

6.3. Travel Cancellations

6.4. Entry Requirements

6.5. Travel Restrictions

6.6. Safety

6.7. Social Situations

7. Deep Vein Thrombosis

7.1. Deep Vein Thrombosis is a clotting of the blood in any deep veins most commonly the legs. it can be fatal if the clot breaks and makes it way to the lungs. airlines are very aware of the risks and they do offer advice to passengers on how to prevent deep vein thrombosis. this link will lead you to a YouTube clip.

8. Travel Cancellations

8.1. There are many reasons for cancelling a holiday. All policies cover cancellations due to the accidental injury or death of the policy holder or other close family member for example spouse or child. One of the main disputes of claims is the exclusion of any existing medical condition or a condition of which the consumer sees a doctor before buying insurance. People may also cancel holidays because of bombing or terrorist Attacks for example a recent attack is London so many people may cancel holidays and trips because they are scared but by doing this travel companies will not give you back your deposit

9. Safety

9.1. There has been many alarming and frightening attacks. The number of assaults on woman in popular tourists destinations has risen over 150% since 2009. This has drastically dropped tourism in certain areas.