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Family by Mind Map: Family

1. Definitions

1.1. Consanguinity

1.1.1. relation based on blood

1.2. Household

1.2.1. a basic unit of microeconomics and government policy analysis, consisting of one or more individuals sharing living and eating space

1.3. Affinity

1.3.1. relationship based on blood, marriage, adoption, etc

1.4. matrilineal system

1.4.1. determining family heritage based on females

1.5. patrilineal system

1.5.1. determining family heritage based on males

2. Types

2.1. Nuclear family

2.1.1. one or two parents, regardless of gender, plus their unmarried children, living together

2.2. Reconstituted, or blended, family

2.2.1. parents who have remarried and are living together with children from previous relationships

2.3. Extended family

2.3.1. parents, regardless of gender, and their unmarried children living together with other relatives, such as grandparents

2.4. Consanguineous family

2.4.1. usually a mother, her children, and extended family members. This family form is useful for mothers who do not have the resources to raise their children on their own

2.5. Childless Family

2.5.1. sometimes called child free, a couple, regardless of gender, who are without children, for whatever reason

2.6. Single Parent family

2.6.1. one parent, usually the mother, with children

2.7. Common-law family

2.7.1. an unmarried couple, regardless of gender, with or without children

2.8. Matrifocal family

2.8.1. a mother and her children. This may also be a single-parent family due to divorce, or a family created by choice by mothers who have the resources to raise children on their own

2.9. Conjugal family

2.9.1. one or more mothers, and spouses who all live together

3. Structure

3.1. Hunter Gatherer

3.1.1. Loose groups of people,informal pairings, equal status

3.2. Pre-Industrial

3.2.1. Consumer instead of producers, factories became popular jobs to work in, kids forbidden to work, income separate from family life

3.3. Agricultural Families

3.3.1. Men make decisions, women care for kids only, children work, polyamory was common

3.4. Urban-Industrial

3.4.1. Women look after children, men work, children learn, adolescence was born

3.5. Modern Consumer

3.5.1. Nuclear family ideals, work leave for children, both spouses work,