The Rise of Christianity

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The Rise of Christianity by Mind Map: The Rise of Christianity

1. Jews Come Under Roman Rule

1.1. Roman power spread to Judea, the home of the jews around 63 B.C.

1.1.1. The jews started a revolt against roman influence that lasted for 10 years when Herod died.

1.1.2. Romans gave controll of religious matters and local affairs to the jewish courts called the sanhedrin.

2. The Life & Teachings of Jesus

2.1. Jesus was born in the town of bethlaham in judea.

2.1.1. At the age of 30 jesus began his public ministrey with his 12 decipels.

2.1.2. jesus' growing popularity concerned both roman and jewish leaders. so they had him crucified.

3. A World Religion

3.1. christians soon began to give their religion structure at the local level priests led each small group of christians. bishop led several local churches, pope was head of christian church

3.1.1. A major breakthrough for Christianity was when the Roman leader Constantine was losing his throne, prayed to the Chrstian God, won the battle, and said Gos was the reason he won.

4. Christianity Spreads Through the Empire

4.1. the apostle Paul had an enormous influence on christianity spread, his original name was Saul.

4.1.1. christians posed a problem for roman rulers and often were exiled inprisoned or executed for refusing to worship roman gods.

4.1.2. the jews tried rebelling against the romans twice. over 1 million jews were killed altogether.