English- Ahmed

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English- Ahmed by Mind Map: English- Ahmed

1. To Kill A Mockingbird

1.1. Racism and Inequality

1.1.1. Social Status Inequality

1.1.2. Discrimination against Blacks

1.2. Innocence

1.2.1. Boo Radley

1.2.2. Tom Robinson Accused of raping Mayella Ewell

1.3. Symbols

1.3.1. Mockingbird

1.3.2. Gifts left to Scout and Jem from Boo Radley New node

2. Macbeth

2.1. Betrayal

2.1.1. Macbeth betrayal's everyone in the play

2.1.2. He betrayal's Duncan by killing him in the book

2.1.3. He also betrayal's his wife by killing Lady Macduff without telling his wife

2.2. Foreshadowing

2.2.1. Most of the action played in the book are hinted before they happen

2.2.2. Shakespeak prepares the audience

2.2.3. When Shakespear says that the horses have eated each other lets you know that something bad has happened

2.3. Guilt

2.3.1. Both Lady Macbeth and Macbeth created quilt by killing Duncan

2.3.2. The quilt drives them both mad

2.3.3. Macbeth begins to hear voices in his head which shows that he is quilty

3. Book Report

3.1. Learned

3.1.1. How to use my time efficiently

3.2. I also learned to read every night and not leave the book to the last minute.

3.3. graphic organizer

3.3.1. Our teacher showed us exactly how to use graphic organizers.

3.3.2. I can now use graphic organizers for my other subjects which help with study notes.

4. The Crucible

4.1. Authority

4.1.1. Parris believes that all the people in the town should attend church because it is the authority of the town

4.1.2. Proctor says that he has not been to church in a long time because he does not like the way Parris preaches

4.2. Involvement

4.2.1. John does not want to be involved with Abigail Williams

4.2.2. Proctor is angry that Parris only preaches about hell and evil

4.3. Chaos

4.3.1. the people believe fear is taking over the Salem

4.3.2. Parris speaks out to those who do not obey church authority