You shouldn't smuggle food into the movie theater.

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You shouldn't smuggle food into the movie theater. by Mind Map: You shouldn't smuggle food into the movie theater.

1. It's rude and unethical to smuggle food in the theater.

1.1. As the writer of the February 2017 issue of scope wrote, "As a society, we follow rules all the time out of respect. Sneaking food into the movies is kinda like bringing your own chips to Chipotle. It's just rude," (O'Neill 17).

1.2. As the writer of the scope issue said, it isn't the right thing to do. You'll get a bad feeling in your gut, and it's just not your human nature to do the right thing. Not every one is a christian, but God is always watching.

1.3. New York Times gave this quote in an article. "In April 2000, I ruled against sneaking outside food into the movies, arguing that attending a movie is voluntary: when you choose to do so, you willingly agree to obey the theater's rules," (Cohen). As the author states, by entering the theater, you agree to their rules. One of these rules is that you cannot bring food into the theater.

2. Counter argument: In fact, the food is not that pricey. If you want to eat healthy, eat at home first.

2.1. I looked up the average price for a large popcorn, a large drink, and a box of candy at the movie theater, and the average price for all of these things plus a wonderful experience in the theater is only $18. You could say that $20 is too much to pay for snacks, but this meal also comes with a great experience watching a nice movie.

2.2. Some people just don't like the food because it's unhealthy, and there isn't much I can do about that. However, I do have a wonderful solution. Eat your carrot and your apple at home before you come to the movie. While it is nice to eat during the movie, it's a small price to pay in order to not get kicked out of the theater.

3. Ticket prices would rise.

3.1. Movie theater's gain the majority of their income from the snack business. By not buying their food, they would raise the ticket prices in order to make up for it. Your really just hurting yourself by smuggling food in the theater.

3.2. Your smuggling food in order to save money, but your just making everything even, and your making other people who don't smuggle food have to pay more. That's bad karma.

3.3. As the February 2017 writer for Scope said, "If moviegoers were to stop purchasing food, theater owners would have to raise ticket prices even higher. And they're already at an average price of almost $9," (O'Neill 17).

4. The theater might close.

4.1. Since theaters gain most of their money from the snacks that they sell, they might go out of business if no one buys the stuff. You don't want your favorite movie theater to close just because of some M&Ms, do you?

4.2. Another fine thing that the writer of the February 2017 issue of Scope said, "Theater's make as little as 20 percent of their total revenue from ticket sales," (O'Neill 17).

5. You could get kicked out.

5.1. Every time you smuggle in food, you risk getting kicked out and banned from the theater. There is no point in smuggling food when you can't even go into the theater.

5.2. If you do get kicked out, the money you used on the ticket would be wasted, so you just wasted money, the entire thing you weren't trying to do.

5.3. As the writer for February 2017 for Scope said, " Some theater's will kick you out if they catch you smuggling food in-or even ban you from the theater," (O'Neill 16).